ios APP needs a alert sound for incoming call while on a call.

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While on a call in ios App, I am not looking at my phone to see if another call is coming in. We need to have an alert sound in ear that notifies us another call is coming in. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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I started a case on this very thing on April 25, 2017. I received the responses I copied below. They even responded to another RingCentral staffer (Hope) with additional information. I questioned what they meant by, "...which may be available on the future updates for the mobile app." as well as, "...and the feature can be available on the future releases depending on the request made on the community." Nevertheless I never received a definitive answer as to whether or not it was really even being considered. One can only hope since my case was closed when this became a "Feature Request".
Hello Jan,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this feature request for 2nd incoming 
call on the iOS mobile app. We appreciate the feedback you have about the mobile
app. I am closing this case for now as our developers work on this feature which
may be available on the future updates for the mobile app. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Jason Tiamzon Global Customer Care RingCentral, Inc.

Jason Tiamzon 2:08 PM PDT, 05/30/2017
Hello Jan,

I am following up on this case. Please let me know if you need further 
assistance or if I can close this case for now since this is a feature request? For immediate assistance you can go to our live chat at: and click “Chat with Us”. Thank you for your patience. Best Regards, Jason Tiamzon Global Customer Care RingCentral Inc.,

Jason Tiamzon 11:53 AM PDT, 05/08/2017
Hello Hope,

Thank you.I consulted our tier 2 department regarding this. During our test 
calls, while the mobile app for Android is able to notify of a new incoming call,
the iOS app did not. I am sorry for the inconvenience. This is a feature request
for the new update of the iOS app. Hopefully, this will be addressed on the next
update. Rest assured that our developers are working on this concern and the feature can
be available on the future releases depending on the request made on the
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"Rest assured that are developers are working" ....What a joke. "can be available" "depending on the request" Very lame response Ring Central
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Vonage developers already done - it works for sure on an iPhone 6 running current IOS version as of 12/1/2017.
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Thanks so much for trying Jan, their response is very typical of the very poor and unclear customer service I have received to date. The communication between departments there is atrocious and I've had people in sales tell me bluntly that their tech support team are "not very good other than taking care of basic set up issues." I have also spoken with Tier 2 who then create a ticket, which then triggers an automated email to me a few days later saying "are you still having issues" with no reference to the issue at hand, and if I don't respond I get a follow up email a couple days later stating they are closing the ticket. Obviously their priority it automation and cost savings. I appreciate all the help you have provided throughout these forums.
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Sorry for the somewhat confusing or conflicting info you received.  Regarding all feature requests, it's very important to know that we almost always have well over 1000 different requests queued up for prioritization.  Of course our product team must dedicate resources to the features that provide the most benefit to the largest subset of customers. 

Regarding the mobile app features (both iOS and Android), many of these requests are more complicated.  It's important to know that both Apple and Android purposely limit what we can do with the Mobile app.  They almost always prevent anything that will interfere with the operation and functionality of their native applications.  This often prevents us from developing features that customers are asking for. 

For the sake of this particular thread, can you please post more details so that our Product Team can fully understand your need.  Can you provide some more clarity around what each of you are asking for?  For the 2nd call, would this be incoming on the RC Mobile app, or the phone's native app?

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I also NEED this feature. Please... It's absolutely necessary. And it's absurd that the app on Android to have the feature and not for iOS. If you need more requests, here's one more. And btw, absolutely ridiculous the "1000 requests queued" policy.
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PAX, check out Vonage. I am currently using Vonage mobile app on IOS AND it has call waiting feature.
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Are there any updates to this request? We are in NEED of the feature for our IOS users! 
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Been frustrated since day one with not receiving any notification of calls coming in on the Mobile App... From reading the forums, this has been an issue for people for a LONG time. Why is it 2018 and RingCentral still does not have the ability to notify me of an incoming call when I am using the IOS mobile app???