Shared Lines or Presence?

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Ok, for years, we have just used 4 ringcentral phone adapters that allow us to use regular telephones.  So we have 4 lines that have 4-way splitters on them.  We are using 4-line business telephones.  Each telephone is connected to each of the 4 lines.  When a call comes in on any line, all 4 phones ring, and anybody can answer it.  All the phones indicates that someone is on the phone by making that in-use line red.  Anyone can put a caller on hold by clicking the hold button and anyone else can pick up that call by pushing the blinking red button which represents the line that is in use.  VERY EASY.

We will soon be moving to a work-at home model business, so we decided to by 4 IP phones (Cisco SPA514G). The nightmare began.  Nothing is clear, nothing works right, phillipines support is terrible, they don't have a clue. We tried the presense feature, it doesn't always work, doesn't work for all phones, very unclear.  We wanted to try the "Shared line" groups, which looks like it will do what we want, but then we were told that it only works on the polycom phones and not Cisco.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hey  George, sorry you are having issues moving from the adapters and splitters to IP phones.  I am assuming that you purchased the phone from Ring Central? or are they 3rd party?

Have you swapped the adapters in the system already?  I would guess your call flow would have to change since you are moving to a work at home modle and people will be in different locations.

Presence works well when configured correctly and correct shared lines only works on polycom phones.

The shared lines in my opinion is just for specific senarios..  A good example would be if you work at home 2 days and in the office 3 and you want IP phones at both locations.  You could use a sharred line as you would only be on one of the phones at a time.

Not sure where you left off but I have worked with many people in configuring and transitioning their phone systems in Ring Central.

Based on your note I think we could make the system work but to be clear I would have to know how you want the new call flow to wotk,  It will be different and needs to be programmed.

Let me know

Certified Ring Central Installer
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Hi Chuck,
Thanks for your help.
I bought the phones from Amazon.  I can return them if needed.
Our new business model will also include occasional working in the office.  But not sure if that matters, because the office is just another location.
Ideally, here is how we would like it to work, and hopefully this is possible.  I am open to returning the phones and buying a different model, if that will solve our issue.

We have a toll free number from RC that has the auto attendant feature.  Press 1 for this, press 2 for that, etc. However, everything really goes to the same location.  It is more just for show.  There are no real departments.
So regardless of what someone presses, I want all 4 telephones to ring.  Whoever picks up first speaks to the caller, and has the ability to simply put the call on hold, and tell another employee (by messenger or shouting across the room) that they have a call on line X.  The person that needs to pick up the call will see line X flashing red, and can push that line button and answer the call.

I hope that is clear.

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Hey George, the plot thickens.  So there is a specific firmware version required for the presence to work.  The phones you have probably do not have that version installed and this is causing the issue.  I have seen this before.  

The other issue you will have is this is a 4 line phone and in the RC world the lines are not as important as the number of buttons.  So this phone has 4 buttons and 2 of them will be used for the lines and that only leaves you to to program, which will not meet your needs because you will will be 2 short for the presence configuration.

Now the next question is the all phone ringing all the time.  There is a better way to handle the call flow but we will not be able to work that out on this thread.  You need a overlook at your system to make sure the phones and call flow is meeting your needs.

Contact me directly if you like so we could continue working on this
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Official Response

I agree with Chuck, shared lines is for specific situations, and not practical for home users.  However, it is recommended that you use Presence. 
Go into Phones & Numbers under each extension, select Presence and add each other to the 1st tab (appearance) and 2nd tab (Permissions). 

Now, to address the fact you purchased the phones from amazon.  Have RingCentral's provisioning information been configured in the device?  Each phone that is purchased by RingCentral already has RC provisioning information configured in the device.  If you purchased them 3rd party or on amazon, it most likely does not have the correct provisioning information.  You may login to the phone's IP Address as ADMIN (NOTE: RingCentral will NOT have the password because they are 3rd party phones...if you do not have the password to the phone I recommend you contact the amazon seller, or return the device and purchase the phones from RingCentral).  

For polycom devices you will need to login to the IP Address (ADMIN) and put in RingCentral's provision info: 
Select Settings --> Provisioning Server.

Select: reset to default  

Expand Provisioning Server

1.      Server Type: HTTP
2.      Server Address:
3.      Leave all other fields with the default settings (but clear out user/password)
         a.      Or
         b.     Example:

Expand DHCP Menu
1.      Boot Server: Static
2.      Leave all other settings with default settings.
3.      Click on Save

Firmware Requirements
IP series 4.0.2 
VVX series 4.1.6 

If the Firmware is a 3 version, it is recommended that you return these devices and purchase from RingCentral.  

How to find out what firmware version you have: 
Menu -> Status -> Platform -> Application -> Main

NOTE: home users must also make sure their network is configured correctly to be compatible with RingCentral (i.e. approved routers/open ports). For a list of port ranges see How do I troubleshoot Call Quality issues - QoS?


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