Call Queue: how to bypass "pressing 1 to accept" from a call queue?

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This conversation has been merged. Please reference the main conversation: Call Queue: Add "voice response" and option to Disable the "press 1 to accept call" accept call.

I need to be able to accept a call without pressing 1 when using the call queue.


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Posted 5 years ago

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Not at this time.,   There is a request in for a future release but at this time if you are using Queues, you need to press one.

What is the issue?  Is it just annoying or something else?


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Well if the call is unanswered by me, then unanswered by the next person in line it rolls to a call center. I'm afraid since they are not used to this they may just hang up or the recording they have at the beginning may cause a glitch in the system.
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You are able to remove that feature by:

1. Select Users
2. Select the Extension
3. Call Handling & Forwarding
4. Incoming Call Information
5. At the bottom where it reads "Call Queue Calls", Select the  "For non-RingCentral Phones Only"

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
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I called Ring Central tech support and they could manually disable the call announcement / dial 1 feature. The option to enable/disable "Dial 1" as a user controlled feature (through online admin) is a must. A bonus would be the option to customize the call announcement (or record your own). Minimizing wait time / delayed answers to any incoming calls is a main priority. 
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Could you please share who you talked to. I have spoke to 5 different reps and no one has been able to help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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The reason that you must always press 1 when on a cell phone, is to assure that a call queue call gets picked up. If nobody presses "1" then the RC system keeps the call so that it is still available for another person in the queue.  If it were to go directly to the cell phone, it's picked up by the cell carrier and will go to the cell phone's voicemail and not remain in the RingCentral System. 
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This would not be a problem if it ends up in my cell phone voicemail. It's just that fiddling with my cell to first bring up the keypad and then press 1 while driving is very dangerous, oh, and illegal in my state.
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Please VOTE for the feature request here:  disable prompt 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue: Is there a way to bypass "pressing 1 to accept" a call when you are u....

We have a warm line that potentially receives calls from callers in crisis. Our Operators have the line forwarded to their cell phones and they may loose a critical call when attempting to swipe and enter one. They report that even after they press one the call is dropped. Please allow users to choose or not choose this feature 
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There's not a delay feature in the system. But, if the messaging plays too fast, there's always the option of doing your own custom recordings and just adding a few seconds of silence at the beginning. 
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That is a great idea ... but I do not see how the add a custom recording for this feature. Can you provide details?  Thanks.
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Thanks for your assistance. However this changes  the msg that the customer hears ... I need the delay on what the agent hears.
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Ah.. sorry for the confusion.  Unfortunately there's not a way to  change that.  I actually haven't heard of this being an issue before. This might be because agents in a call queue are often wearing a headset so the delay wouldn't be an issue.  

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Press 1 when on Call Queue - wants to remove it.

Press 1 when on Call Queue - wants to remove it
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I also would love to remove the queue greeting message for extensions that are in call queues that are not RingCentral phones. I completely understand the need for it on mobile phones, but this should be an option to disable on specific extensions that have no voicemail, etc.
This is especially needed since we've been having issues where the call queue message won't recognize that we're pressing 1 to accept calls, causing a majority of our callers to be on hold while the system tries extensions until someone is successful at accepting the call. We've worked around the issue by using the extensions directly instead of the call queues, but this severely limits our ability to balance calls based on availability of different extensions.

Please, please, please add this feature. It makes no sense that it can be set for 'Never' on direct extensions calls if the reasoning is mobile voicemail and the like. The Call Handling settings are the same whether the call is sent to an extension directly or through the queue.
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Is there any solution to not pressing the 1 to accept a call yet? I cannot accept calls on my cell phone in the car BECAUSE IT IS NO LONGER HANDS FREE AND THUS ILLEGAL in my state. This has become such a problem for our mobile work force we are searching for another solution.
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Not yet Brian, However, feel free to comment on the following thread to show your support for this. 

Call Queue: Add "voice response" and option to Disable the "press 1 to accept call" accept call.
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Would also like to disable the "Press 1 to accept call..."
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For those who find this thread looking to disable to "Press 1 to accept a call", and are NOT in a queue - just call forwarding your number to a cell phone - do the following:

1. In your RingCentral control panel online, go to the Call Handling & Forwarding section. Clock the Desktop Apps & Smartphones button, and set both to OFF. Click save.

2. At the bottom of this same page, click Incoming Call Information, then set Play Announcement Before Connecting to NEVER. Click okay to the warning and then save.

The warning simply tells you that by setting this, your calls will go to your cell phone's voice mail and not your RingCentral voice mail (it truly forwards and has no path back).

Tested and confirmed, but again, in a non-queue environment. I cannot speak to whether this works with a queue user or not (plus you really wouldn't want to lose the ability for a call to get back into the queue if that person doesn't answer, do you?)

Hope that helps!


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Shane Piskur

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This is a very annoying feature and all of our clients using RingCentral would rather not have this feature and have asked us how they can turn it off. Please remove this altogether or at least make it so we can turn it off.
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Please please please give us the ability to disable “press 1 to accept” per user! Please!!!!
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Hello Everyone, thank you for the input. I'm merging this into the existing feature request to combine votes

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