Template: Advanced Rule apply to IVR Menu Hours & Holiday Schedule

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I would love the ability to add office hours directly to my IVR menus, Including an after hours unconditional forwarding!  as of right now, I need to add hours/forwarding to EACH of my call queues...especially the day before a holiday, where i have to go in and change EACH call queue to closed for the holiday, then AFTER the holiday i have to go BACK IN and change EACH queue..

I would also like an easier way (other than custom rules) to add a holiday schedule.  a pretty little yearly calendar that lets me block off "closed" or something.  anything really would be an improvement over the current setup.
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Dustin Showers, Champion

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Posted 6 years ago

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Claudio (Customer)

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Great Idea Dustin! sadly I thing I'm the only one who saw your post in one year...
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Great idea Dustin. Why is this even a question? Should there not be overall holiday settings? Please RingCentral find sometime to get holiday times into the system.
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PING!  every holiday i have to change 80 queues.
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Elliot from RingCentral Product Management here. 

We are currently investigating templates as a feature. I would love anyone who views this Idea, or any other template topics to fill out a survey so that we can learn more. 

Please fill out the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/mLSgtUBFH72iOyZx2


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Jeff St. John

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Resurrecting this. I can't believe that there's not a simpler way to handle it. Even if you limited this to queues, and allowed us to create/copy Advanced Calling rules it would greatly simplify holiday handling. We're setting all queues to Take Messages only for a specific date.
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Scott Wenning

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I am looking for the same thing. This is a pretty basic functionality that just about every other phone system i have used is able to do.
Ideally, there should be "Schedules" that you can make,
And then a place on each phone, call queue, IVR, etc, that allows you to choose if it should obey a Schedule or not.
That would be the most logical approach to this, and what i have been used to for years
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I agree that we need scheduling (date / time based rules) available to apply to IVR menus.  

Currently, our workaround is that we direct our main numbers to specially setup user extensions instead of our IVR(s).  Then we setup rules in the extensions to forward all calls to different IVRs based on date / time.  We have setup different IVRs for morning, lunch-hour, afternoon, evening, closed, and holidays.  Each of them have different appropriate intro messages as well as allows/disallows appropriate queue options (option1, 2, 3, etc).

This works, but is harder to manage and also seems to cause an extra delay in the call be transferred between the extension and the specific IVR - but it does work, and we don't have to update manage every one of our call queues and user extensions that are accessed via IVR(s) - we only have to enable / disable / update a couple of rules on the special user extensions.
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Scott Wenning

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That is a nice work around, and i might adopt that. but yea i think RC can provide us a "Real" solution :)