Support Jabra Suite and Jabra Headsets

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Can we please get integration with the Jabra Suite (as a soft phone) so we can support the physical buttons on the headsets for call hang up / mute / busy light. I am speaking specifically to the Jabra Evolve line of headsets.
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Jason McKinney

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Posted 5 years ago

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This still isn't even on the top page of their list of ideas that people want from RingCentral based on votes.  The top ideas have over 300 votes and this only has 105.  Unless we get more of our coworkers to reply to up vote this, it won't be that high on their list.  
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Keith Parker

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There's a place we can vote? Can you provide a URL?

To quote a politician from the 1930's, we should all..."vote early vote often"
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Chuck Keller

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So a company closed and I got a few Jabra Pro 9400bs headsets. I figure let's go over to RC and see what I need to connect. LoL 

4 years worth of posts? I think I'll just put the headsets on eBay. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please integrate support for Jabra he4adsets..

I am shocked that you don't support Jabra Softphone headsets properly. Plantronics headsets are the worst. Please get on this; it looks like your customers have been asking for 4 years. I have a Pro 930 which worked with our other VOIP provider's software. 
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Ron Kanter

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According to our rep, softphone support for Jabra is coming the first half of 2020, but I will believe it when I see it.
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I spoke with Jabra this morning and they said they've provided their SDK to RingCentral so that they can include it as a supported headset, but that they've had radio silence from RingCentral.  I called my RingCentral rep and she is trying to find out if this is on the roadmap.  We got rid of our Plantronics headsets because they were garbage.  The Jabras are far superior, but need proper integration.

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Brandan Dobbs

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Ringcentral, LISTEN to what your customers want !
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Agree, I can't understand how this isn't integrated already.
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how about just custom button keyboard shortcuts so I can program "enter" and answer a call? come on guys.
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RC Panda

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Voting for this feature as well. It would be nice to be able to use Jabra Headsets with the suite like Plantronics. And not only for the RC Phone App but also for the new RC App.
I'm on a trial of RingCentral, just attached my Jabra Engage 75 yesterday and the buttons don't work on the softphone? I should have done more research, luckily its a trial, but I like all the other features. Maybe I will keep looking and that's one of the questions I will ask.
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RC Demo

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I'm in the same boat as O'Netsys, demoing the product and our rep provided a Jabra headset that is not supported by the softphone.  Come on Ring Central, get up with the times! You have a great product, and you are limiting your market by not supporting Jabra.  When was the last time you saw a millennial wearing a Plantronics headset?

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Did I read the Feature Release email correctly? Could it finally be true?? And it only took a pandemic to make it happen!! 
Jabra headset support: The RingCentral phone desktop will soon support Jabra headsets and give users the ability to control calls by buttons from the headsets
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Minsan Sauers

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Drat. My giddiness has waned. Maybe they are just experiencing a minor delay.
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I'm not understanding. Chuck Hirst stated, "The end of this week. Friday, May 22, 2020." Today is 05/18/2020...That is not until this coming Friday!
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Minsan Sauers

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Haha, you're right! When Chuck originally posted we thought it was to be last Friday, but indeed the 22nd is yet to come.
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Release Notes - May 2020 notes:  RingCentral Phone Desktop -- Jabra headset support: The RingCentral phone desktop will soon support Jabraheadsets and give users the ability to control calls by buttons from the headsets

Is there an update to the RingCentral Phone app due soon?  The currently available version 20.1.0 does not have this support.