Join zoom meetings from RingCentral Rooms

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Since Zoom powers the RingCentral meetings platform, it would be great if we could join Zoom Meetings using the meeting ID from RingCentral Rooms.
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Mike Nichols

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Posted 1 year ago

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Jeff Salisbury, Champion

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We are looking to implement one or more RC Rooms at our corporate HQ, but our parent company uses Zoom and Zoom Rooms. Like Mike said we really need the two systems to be fully interoperable. I understand from the product team why Personal Meeting IDs must be unique to the two systems since they don't share a common database where use of the same PMI between systems can be prevented. I wouldn't think that the Rooms products would have that same challenge?
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Matt Herring

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Is there a resolution for this yet?
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Mike Nichols

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No update yet.  I did have a call with my account rep and some engineers and they were going to look into it to see if this was on the roadmap.  I have not heard back yet.
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Mike, you do know that there'll never be a resolution for this, or at least one you'll be satisfied with. And BTW there is a single database that reserves and references those personal IDs; and it is maintained by Zoom
This is a big disappointment. I am getting ready to leave RingCentral. We were hoping not to have to pay for zoom when ring central is built on it!
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I went through the same disappointment myself. What annoys me the most is that Zoom is so much better. So much better.

I miss it. Particularly the way that they record the audio and synchronize it with the video portion of the meeting, allowing you to click a single word in the transcription and jump to that reference point in the meeting.

It took RC 4 years into this Zoom white-label relationship just to add the Cloud Recording capabilities. At this rate, I'll be an old man when they add the sync.
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Ben Stutzman

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I also need this integration.  We use RingCentral Rooms but often need to dial into a Zoom Meeting.  Seems like there could just be and additional button to join a Zoom Meeting instead that points the system to Zoom.  Then it doesn't matter if the Meeting ID is the same.  The next step would be for additional vendors to make agreements to integrate together so we can join WebEx, LifeSize, etc.