Make RingCentral mobile app compatible with Android Auto and CarPlay

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I'm in the US, using RingCentral Office.

I just bought a 2018 vehicle with the ability to use Android Auto (Apple has a similar feature for iPhones called CarPlay). When you connect to the car's entertainment system, and if you have the Android Auto app installed, the entertainment screen in the dashboard becomes a simplified "second screen" for your phone. There three categories of apps that you can use: mapping, messaging, and entertainment. Android Auto can't use every app on your phone. The mobile apps on have to be written to specifically support the APIs in order to be available to Android Auto.

So far, I love Android Auto. It needs to be improved, but I can easily use Maps, Spotify, and my podcast app while driving, using voice commands and simple presses of the touchscreen in the dashboard. It works really well.

Until I have to use RingCentral to make a business call... then I was disappointed when I found that the RingCentral mobile app is _not_ compatible with Android Auto. It would be amazing to be able to make and receive calls (the car has LTE broadband access independent of my phone), text, and look up contacts using RingCentral with Android Auto while driving. It would make my daily commute so much better.

The second link above is to the developer site for Android Auto. I'm not sure if the current version of Auto exposes the phone API, but I know that Skype is a compatible app, so there must be a way to do it. Even if the current version of Android Auto does not expose all the API functions right now that RingCentral would need, I request that RingCentral contact Google to start making their mobile app compatible with Android Auto. Android Auto is being actively developed and improved, and RingCentral should be one of the premiere apps on that platform.

I think that all of us who use RingCentral while driving every day would love the ability to see the RingCentral app in the center dashboard screen and to use the app using voice commands.

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Posted 8 months ago

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Photo of Mike Gustavson

Mike Gustavson

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This would defintely be nice to have - specifically CarPlay for me.
Photo of Bob Antoniazzi

Bob Antoniazzi

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Agree. While it currently works similar to apps like Skype, true integration would be excellent!
Photo of Brian Scheele

Brian Scheele

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Agreed.  As a leader in UCaaS, RingCentral should make this happen.  For receiving calls, users can add their cell phone and not rely on the app, but for making calls, this definitely falls short.  Some users want to make calls without revealing their cell numbers.
Photo of Hassan Mamdani

Hassan Mamdani

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I'd like to see this too... Often end up taking calls from the car - or joining RC Meetings.  Being able to use the native app to call in would be great.
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Definitely it is the biggest limitation of ringcentral for me in that I can't use my business tool while driving.  Those are the calls I really need to get.
Photo of Joe Salemi

Joe Salemi

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I was an iPhone user with RingCentral for a few years. I love how RC is embedded into the call functions of iOS. I'm not sure why this isn't the same way with Android, the experience just feels different. With Apple Carplay RingCentral just appears on the screen like any other call. It's brilliant. With the mobile nature of much of the RingCentral community I think it would be a highly valued feature to work on with Android Auto.

RingCentral - please work on the Android Auto integration. Please!
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Chris Buckely

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any update on this?