Mobile App: Add a Warm Transfer button to mobile app.

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Please add a "Warm Transfer" button to the mobile app so it works/looks like the Desktop app shown below. 

This way you don't have to use the sequence ##*1+ 10 digit number to perform a warm transfer. 

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Posted 3 years ago

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Please VOTE in the upper right corner to also request this feature. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Warm Transfer Mobile App.

You have over 976 topics opened for warm transfer issues on mobile app. Appears I am not the only one affected. 

We have senior reps out in the field who need to be able to do warm transfers and or stay on the call with our office support staff.  As of now your proposed warm transfer option ##* - quick dial # does not work as intended. 

Our goal is to have the warm transfer working from the mobile app and with calls on the mobile phone.
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James Harvard

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IMO (and lots of other people's too, it seems) this is an extraordinary omission. How is it not a priority for RC to plug this gap in the functionality of the iPhone app? It makes it needlessly difficult to transfer an incoming call in a professional fashion if you're using the iPhone app and are not physically in the same room as the person you need to transfer to.

"My colleague X would be the best person to speak to about that. I'm now going to blindly toss your call in their direction and hope that: a) they're able to pick up the phone at this precise moment (or, if not, that you won't mind being dumped to voicemail); b) you have time to spare and don't mind repeating yourself (because you'll need to tell X who you are and what you want, despite having just spent a couple of minutes tell me the same thing)."
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Warm transfer across all access points is critical functionality. I almost dropped us from Ring Central when I learned this was not standard on mobile app and browser extension softphones. We are currently using the Hold--->Parallel Call--->Cold Transfer option as a stopgap but we need a real fix.

Please make sure app AND Chrome extension fixes are on your roadmap.

Thank you!
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I came here in hope. Pressed the Vote button. And now leave with the disappointment that RC can't even be bothered to updated a two-year-old thread that 110 people voted on before me.

Oh well, yet another thing to strengthen the hand of people in my company clamouring to get off the RC platform.
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Get off of it but where would you go?
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This is pretty amazing.  Seriously 3 years and nothing?  for a simple and critical feature?  rather disappointed RC.
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Official Response
Hi all, this capability is available on the RingCentral app, like Richard mentioned :) You can learn more about it here.
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Yes, warm transfer is available in the desktop, just not RC Phone mobile app on IOS or android.
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How do we perform a warm transfer using the desktop?  We haven't been able to figure this out. Thanks.
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Correct, Richard.  Warm Trasfer is not available on the RC Phone mobile app.  Is that happening soon?
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Hi Shelly, the RC Phone Mobile app is actually set to be retired by the end of the year. You can learn more about this transition here.