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Any modern mobile phone can merge calls, or allow you to initiate a 3-way conference. There shouldn't be any reason the mobile app can't do the same.

The existing conference calling is fine if your actually inviting people to the bridge, but it's completely inadequate when you need to add one person to a call for an impromptu call.

This needs to be an option in the mobile app.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hope this feature get implemented soon. +1 for this idea!
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I have a lots of customer that wants this feature added on the mobile application. This feature is very convenient and useful. Hope we could implement it soon.
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3-way calling has been around since before cell phones. How can a cutting edge cloud based phone system company not have this?! This is a must for situations where you need to bring someone else on the line without having to go through the involved multi-step process of starting a dial-in conference call. It's seems like RingCentral has spent more effort on improving dial-in conferencing than implementing a basic function like 3-way calling.

Also related, there is no call waiting on the mobile app, so if you're on a call on the mobile app and another call comes in, it does not give you the option to answer it. Again this is real basic functionality that landline and cell phones have had for years.
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This feature definitely needs to be implemented very soon. The nature of doing business these days requires that you be able to add somone to a call on occasion. In the last 3 days, I have needed this feature over 10 times, but I have to actuallay hang up and call the person back from my actual cell number in order to perform a 3-way call. The whole reason for the application is to give clients a single number to reach you at so that you do not have multiple numbers for clients to call.
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How is this not a feature yet? This is a no brainer, why would you not make this part of the mobile app yet?
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This feature needs to be implemented on the mobile app as soon as possible.  We will not be able to continue to use RingCentral as our phone provider if this feature continues to be ignored.
Please let me know who you end up going with, because I am just about at that same point.  I have to make one tomorrow and can't.  Very disappointed,
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I figured out if I have the mobile app do a Ribgout instead of using VOIP that I can do 3 way calling. Not great, but a slight work around

Does the second caller you add see your RingCentral number on the caller ID or your cell phone number?

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Charles Ferguson

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It shows my Ringcentral number to both parties.  Works much easier on Android than on an iPhone.  Do able on both though
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Charles Ferguson

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Here is how you set the default calling app on iPhone:


Here is how to set the default calling app on Android


Works like a champ this way, just not using VOIP.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled For the IPhone app to be able to add an additional person on an already ongoing p....

  1. Account type: Office Premium 2-19 line 
  2. A brief description of the business : not discussed
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: add an additional call to an already ongoing conversation on the iphone app
  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: customer would be on a phone call on the iphone app, place it on hold and call an additional party to conference into the phone call
  5. Benefit of such feature: more convenient than having to input host/participant codes.
  6. Include any related case number if applicable: 06065392
  7. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines: 2/ 2
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I AM SO SO ANNOYED that I can not make a 3 way call from my phone. COME ON, MAN! Makes me question the entire technology and support of this company. Anyone know other options out there? RC is ok, but this is a feature that I must have. 
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Stephen Nagy

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Three way calling from my phone.

Are you kidding me I cant do a 3 way call from my phone? Come on, this makes me question your entire technology. Going to start looking for another provider. That is crazy. 
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Stephen, look at my response from 4 weeks ago. You cannot do it with anyone 's solution using VOIP, but you can do it with RingOut and the information that I posted earlier. Works like a charm.
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not sure where my original response went but, here it is again. I'm not sure why there's no 3 way calling on the mobile app, i did try and see what happens, and when on a call there are options for many things but not a conference call or 3 way call. I would hope this is an easy enough feature to add to the mobile app toolbelt and obviously help everyone using the app. my idea would be to "switch to carrier" mid call on the app and then try and add the 3rd caller, i'm not sure how it would work but it may be a small help until RingCentral can figure a way to make it happen.
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Three-way calling on Android using RingCentral (workaround)
  1. On the My Profile screen, I turned Data (VoIP) Calling on. 
  2. On the Call Settings screen under Outgoing Call Settings, I selected Always Use Cellular Voice. 
  3. On the Call Settings screen under RingOut Settings, I selected My Android (my phone number). 
  4. I dialed my first number using the RingCentral app (this automatically launched android dialer and dialed the number). 
  5. I dialed the second number using the RingCentral app (this also automatically launched my android dialer and dialed the second number). 
  6. I merged the two calls using my android dialer. 
Using these setting I imagine I can make one call from my Android dialer (personal phone number) and one call from the RingCentral app (RingCentral phone number) and then merge the two with each showing the appropriate outgoing caller ID.

To make calls directly using the android dialer I went to the My Profile screen, then to the Mobile App Settings screen, then to the Default Launching screen and then selected Call From Android Dialer. The next time I made a call from the Android dialer, it asked which app I would like to use to initiate the call. I selected RingCentral. I then dialed a number on my Android dialer. This in turn automatically launched the RingCentral app (for just a split second). The RingCentral app then (via RingOut) routed the call back to my Android dialer and connected the call. The call recipient then sees an incoming call from my RingCentral number. Although this works, I want the option to use either my personal number or my RingCentral number when making calls, so I turned this option back off.
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The main problem I have with this setup is that is shows our company line as my caller ID when calling my other RingCentral users via favorites (I believe it is dialing their extension). And it does not work at all if I dial a RingCentral phone number.
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While Hughes work around works and I have used this several times, my experience is that once you start using your Android dialer to patch in the merged calls, you are off of the RC app and the phone calls are no longer recorded.  We record all of our phone calls and would like to be able to record calls that have multiple people on them as well.  I join the sentiment that it is ridiculous that the RC App doesn't have this functionality and that the only option is a work around to essentially use my own phone.  If I wanted to do that, I wouldn't have RC at all.  

Please let me know if anyone has a way to add callers to an RC call and still have it recorded.  
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Michael Pedone

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This really is absolutely Unacceptable that in 2017 a 3-way call cannot be done through the App! COME ON!  Going to try the workaround, thank you Hughes, but should not have to do this!!!!
Very Unhappy Customer!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How do I make a 3-way conference call using an Android phone with RingCentral.
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I can't believe this was mentioned THREE YEARS AGO and STILL NOTHING?? Come on RC, hurry up with basic functionality before releasing all the bells and whistles!
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The T-Mobile Digits app can do this. So not sure why RingCentral can't.
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I was able to use the Bria app on iPhone to connect via SIP and it was able to do 3-way calls perfectly. This is an RC app limitation, not a service limitation. I wish RC would get this implemented ASAP.
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What are the settings to make this work on Bria?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ring central Mobile app Features Improvement needed..

Ring central app going to be most useful if you add three way communication in the mobile App. You guys really need to look into that. Also so many time call quality is not good. Ring also start coming in between call which can not stop during call.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Mobile App Conference Call Feature Removed.

The new version of the mobile android app no longer has the conference button. Why was that taken away and how are you supposed to conference  in another caller using the mobile app?
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The Conference button is still there...under the ellipse (3 vertical dots) in the upper right corner. However, that is for the Voice Conferencing feature of RingCentral, not for what you and everyone else here wants, namely to call and conference in a third party to a conversation.
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If you want to do a 3way call and you are using the Ringcentral mobile phone app the only way I've found to do this is by dialing the first caller from the Ringcentral app, once they are on the phone, click "Switch to Carrier" button, wait for the app to call you on your mobile phone and then you can add another caller through your mobile phone functions.. my mobile phone lets me click "add call" and I dial the 2nd caller I want to conference in and it places my orignal caller on hold then I can merge them together. The only downfall to this way is that the 2nd caller will see your mobile number on their caller ID if they have a caller ID.. But the original caller would've only seen your Ringcentral number on the caller ID because thats how you called them. In my line of work it doesnt matter to me that my 2nd caller I am joining in to my conference call sees my mobile number. There is no other way still to conference call (3way call) right from the Ringcentral app as far as I know..
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This feature is needed as we need to talk to multiple clients at the same time.  
I was informed that this feature is available using the desktop app but we use the mobile app more than the desktop app. 

Kindly include this in your future updates.
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James McHugh

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DESPERATELY NEEDED!!!  What is wrong with you, RC? This feature has been around since the 80's, make it happen, so many people have asked for this for YEARS!
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We are new to Ring Central and I'm blown away that this isn't a feature for the mobile app! It works on a desktop phone, works on the desktop app, and seems like a pretty basic function for mobile.  It's very puzzling why this is a 3 year old thread with no resolution!
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Daniel Rickenbach

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I called tech support and was told to vote for this thread.  That was about three months ago.  No promises are being made to me.  I can live without the feature, but it's necessary to "Flip" the call to my cell, and then add another caller, this makes it impossible in my experience to join two related incoming calls to my ring central numbers.

Obviously vote here.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehGOzMQ_6vSQCPjDVYRX2OfMPTjel_krZchhcaKKr_aveyVw/viewform might be a good way to get your voice heard on this issue as well.  It's title:  "What's the one problem you wish RingCentral could solve?"
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Clayton Anderson

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When will this be added?????

Also took the survey. This should be added already.
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This is such a basic feature it really needs to be added right away.  In fact, it is deceiving that you do not mention this shortcoming in your sales demonstration.  As I recall the sales pitch, we were told that the Android softphone application was able to do everything the Windows desktop app can do.  THIS IS A MAJOR SHORTCOMING.
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Ring Central - this is a must. You need to get better with these simple tasks or we'll go elsewhere.
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I couldn't agree more that this is a must.

RingCentral is a great product but it has some real shortcomings and the product management strategy seems to be, "let's build a reasonably good VOIP system and desktop/mobile apps but let's also compete in the overcrowded spaces of team collaboration (good luck going up against Slack, HipChat, Stride, etc. - Microsoft tried and failed, but maybe we can do it with Glip!) and web conferencing software (we can do better than GoToMeeting and WebEx even though RingCentral Meetings is not even listed in Wikipedia under web conferencing software!), meanwhile our users are crying out for better basic VOIP features!" 

What is the point in investing more resources in average products and features when RingCentral could be the leading VOIP player, if only those resources were spent in addressing years-old feature requests for basic functionality? VOIP is your core competency, RingCentral. Please focus on it and your product will be great!
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I could not agree more.  Simple things like speed dials and more controls with rules and other call flows would be much better received.

Why try to compete with Skype and Webex when they got that.

Anyways, fix the basics

Certified RC consultant
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Three way calling with mobile application.

Want to use three way calling with mobile application