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Is there a way to monitor parked calls?

My example is that our receptionist parks a call for someone who isn't at their desk, she then pages the person over the intercom. We have had a few instances where people end up parked for extended periods of time with no answer. I am wondering if there is a way for our receptionist to monitor those parked calls to see if someone is "deserted" on a parked line.
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Christopher Agneta

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Posted 7 years ago

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JW Lodge

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I would like to know what intercom your office uses to page somebody. Thanks
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Christopher Agneta

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Our old phone system had an intercom built in, so everyone has two phones on in their office until we either decide to buy a stand alone intercom, or this gets turned into a RingCentral feature.

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Good to know. We have 2 phones as well for the same reason. I feel an all page extension was a big miss by RC. My customer rep says its on the way but couldn't give me a timeline. Here's to hoping they get it done quickly. I don't want to have spend more money on speakers for an intercom.
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How about being able to set a "MAX PARK" time... - set a MAX timer for parked calls - once the limit is reached, it rings the call back to the main number - unparking the call...
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MAX park time is a great idea and also is the ability to monitor parked calls. people forget the code, forget someone is parked and the client gets angry...Thanks,
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All, great suggestions that we've recently discussed. I'm following this thread. Thank you.
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Hello: The Call Park feature already has a max park time.  If a call isn't picked up within 5 minutes, the system will ring the party that parked the call.
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We've been on RingCentral for over a year now. You mentioned that the system will ring the party that parked the call. We've experienced the system do something else with the returned parked call... when the Receptionist is on a line, the system sends the returned parked call out to the call group next in line to answer incoming phone calls. That's never a fun call to have to answer, since we have no idea who the parked call is or who the call was intended for.
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Official Response
See this topic specifically related to Desktop App's (softphone): Desktop App: Easy way to see where parked call is
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I clicked on your link hoping for more information.  Unfortunately, it does not lead me to anything relating to providing more information as you allure to.  Would you check out your link to make sure it DOES provide information.  clicking on this one is just a waste of time.
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HI, B. McKool 

It looks like Kim just linked to that thread because it's a related "idea".  If someone is interested in this thread, they will likely be interested in the other thread also.  We often do this so that users can visit, comment, and click the "like" button to show support for an idea.  
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Sorry for bringing back an old thread.  

I find the "Monitor Extension" feature very useful.  I can see who is on the phone and who is ringing etc.  We have agents in multiple locations so this is very critical for us.  However, on my Polycom phones the Park Extension we created DOES NOT reflect its status.  It would be great if I could see the park location status on Polycom phone screen & button.
How is this not a feature?  There is no way to see what is in the park, what park extensions calls are on, etc.