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Feature Request - US
I work for multiple companies and was wondering if there was a way to switch between accounts with the app without logging in and out
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Sabrina Cummings

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Sabrina,

That is not possible at this time in either the RingCentral for WIndows or the RingCentral Mobile app. Saadet, can you change this into a feature request? I think there is already a request for this.
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Saadet, Employee

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Hello Jan,

Sabrina already posted it as a Feature Request :) and I think it's a very useful idea!
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Mike Bullock

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Can a button be added so that if you have more than one account you can switch between the accounts with ease instead of signing in and signing out each time?
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Considering leaving RingCentral if this feature isn’t added soon.
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only way to manage something like this is using , but that wont help with taking calls only programming accounts and such.
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This is desperately needed as I'm in the process of merging two companies into the application and this is hindering the process.
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Parts Master

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I am a current customer, and was looking at adding a completely separate and new line to my current account for another business, BUT I can't becuase you can't switch between numbers on the apps in desktop or mobile . We only use in most cases 1 mobile phone, 1 desktop, and 1 laptop, so switching between a number on the apps would get great.

When will it be possibel that, 2 different company lines can be used with apps, ( like can you make it happen now??)  that you can switch back and forth between the lines depending which number you want to use to call out from or answer, it would be great to have the ability to choose 2 different ring tones to differ between the 2 numbers as well, so it is east to differ between them.

I am sure you are losing $ on like customers who have to go to another service to get another line, and who do not want to do this, but are forced to do so becuase they need the ability to see an use the app from another serivce on there phone or device that is different than the RC app.

We need to get this in place ASAP... i am sure i am not the only customer in this position and giving my $ to another service provider that i don't want to just for an app.  This feature should be a priority as I am sure there are many that want the same.  Basically an app that will allow you to use more than 1 specific RC line, but many 2-3 , be able to choose which to call out from, and see specifically which is ringing in with choices of different ring tones to decifer between each.

Who is with me?  

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Barry Doerbecker

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Multiple Ring Central Accounts.

I am a consultant that works for multiple firms (Canada).  2 of my clients have created RingCentral accounts for me ... I have a Company A account with that company's credentials and a Company B account with that company's credentials.  However, when setting up the Android apps from RingCentral on my phone, it can only set up Company A or Company B.  To switch between companies, I have to find the sign out (logout) and sign in again using the different company credentials.  I was wondering if it made sense to have a single sign in, using my own Google account as my default sign in to Ring Central and then choosing which company I am accessing when I open the appropriate apps (RingCentral Phone or GLIP) ... alternatively, having a quick switch between accounts would be beneficial as it would not require me to sign out and sign in again using different credentials.
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I’d like to chime in here.

Same issue as above.  I work with multiple companies and have phone #s with each.  I also sell services to other companies and I need to be on each.  The lack of the ability to use all #s assigned to me in multiple accounts from the single iOS app has reached a tipping point and will force a move to another provider.

Other than that I’m happy with the RingCentral platform and would like to see this capability added as fast as possible.  It's clearly needed for those involved with multiple companies and in today’s normality of working multiple jobs this is even more of a necessity.