Call Queue: Multiple extensions in one physical unit & Call Queue forwarding.

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Good afternoon Ring Central Developers,


Over the last week and a half I have been embroiled in a
very aggravating debacle centered on my Ring Central equipment.   However, before I outline the problem, my
suggestions going forward, and the rationale behind those suggestions, it must
be noted that the help of Mary, Diana, and, especially, Lei from Reseller
Support kept what would have been an explosive situation to quiet simmer as we
worked through it.  The patience of these
women is a credit to their years in customer service.


There are two major problems that I encountered that needed
to be overcome.

First - The Ring Central System is
not set up to easily facilitate two extensions existing in one physical unit
that have a number of cordless handsets paired to it.  In this case, the unit in question is a YeaLink
W52H with three W52H units.

Second - The Ring Central System does
not allow rules to be set that allow a Call Queue to do anything other than
hang up or go to Voicemail after the “Maximum hold time to wait for an
available call queue member”, has been exhausted.

My suggested solutions:

First – Ring Central updates its
automatic provisioning policies to support single unit/multiple extension

Second – Ring Central add a rule to
under Call Handling for Call Queues that will forward an unanswered call
trapped in a Call Queue to another extension once a call has reached the
maximum time limit of the Queue.

My thoughts and rationale behind these suggestions:

First – Businesses with traditional
phone service do & have, for decades, enjoyed the comfort and functionality
of having two, three, and sometimes, even four lines tied into a single office
handset.  For many small and micro
businesses, this setup is not just a norm, but a critical cornerstone of smooth
office functionality.   With this in
mind, it is difficult to comprehend how this necessary arrangement faces such obstacles
under a Ring Central Configuration. Especially, given the expansive programming
know-how & computing power available to it, and the flexibility that these
allow. It is very hard pitch the concept of Ring Central to a small business
owner, when you cannot guarantee that this sort of basic functionally is going
to be available to them, even when presented with all the innumerable benefits
of Ring Central.

give you a extant  example;  The co-owner of my organization has been on a
war path over the last week to get us switched back to traditional two line telephone
service through at&t. Your records will show that I have fought hard, and
been on the phone many long hours, to prevent that.  However, as much as I believe in VoIP for
business, it is hard to deny that my partner has a point.  No small business owner wants to spend hours
by phone fixing a phone system that has gone, “Out of Sync”, or worrying that
it might.

Second – Allowing client calls that
have exhausted the Queue timer in a Call Queue to be forwarded to another extension
makes sense for the client calling in and for the business that is receiving
that call.  For example, let us assume
that I have a client holding that has maxed out their initial Call Queue;

It is reasonable to expect that I would like my
clients call to be forwarded to an Overflow Call Queue at a different location.

Or perhaps I simply do not wish my clients to be
able to leave Voicemail.

Or perhaps I would like my clients call to go to
an announcement extension with options to be transferred to a specific person
of department.

Or perhaps, I would like the timed out clients
in the Call Queue to be forwarded to my managers cell, so they can be alerted
that something has broken down in the Call Queue.

Each of these can be facilitated if
there is an option to make forward a call out of the Call Queue that has timed
out.  Not only is this better for me the
business, and my clients, it also makes the Ring Central system much more
dynamic and attractive.

I believe that the Ring Central system, with a few of these
small tweeks can be a more robust and reliable phone service.

Thank you for your consideration.  Please feel free to call with any questions,
I would be glad to conference in with your product developers for a chat.


- Ian
A Ring Central Parnter

Please review all notes on account with case # 03993550
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Posted 4 years ago

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Ian, Thanks for the detailed message. I assure you this is being forwarded to our Product Team. 
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2 years ago it's been forwarded to the product team and still we can't have multiple extensions on a single phone.
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Is this true? I thought a single unit could have two extensions assigned to it?