Multiple phones share the same extension vs. Presence Call Monitoring

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Large restaurant has two phones at the hostess stand (with two hostesses answering calls) and two more phones in the office located elsewhere in the building.  There are also phones in the kitchen and in other various areas. 

Scenario: Call comes in to hostess stand.  The call is for a manager.  Hostess pages all phones looking for a manager to pick up the call "on line 3," for example.  Since the managers are constantly roaming, it doesn't make sense to assign a manager a particular phone/extension.  

Need: I need a set up where the hostess can park/put a call on hold, phones elsewhere in the building (particularly the office) will visually show a line/light blinking when the call is placed on hold at the hostess stand.  

Idea 1: Designate 4 phones to share the same "hostess extension," lets say extension 100.  Under this scenario, all phones will behave the same, correct?  So if a call is placed on hold on line 3 at the hostess stand, the designated hostess phones in the office will show that a call is on hold on line 3, correct?  A manager can grab the call placed on hold in the office, the hostess will see from her location that the call was, in fact, answered by a manger as the light will have turned a solid red, and the hostess will be able to continue answering additional incoming calls.  CORRECT??  Am I missing anything?  Are there any pitfalls to this setup that I am not thinking about?

Idea 2: Designate 4 phones as hostess phones, but they all have their own individual extensions.  Set up the Presence feature for all 4 phones so that they all monitor each other.  Set up call Parking so that when extension 101 places a call on hold in Park Location 3, a separate hostess phone in the office (say extension 104) will see the call on hold, and will be able to grab the call.

Question: can the "presence" feature be set up on 3 or more phones to where they all monitor each other?  Or does this feature only work on 2 extensions max?

I really want the visual blinking representation of calls on hold on all the hostess phones. I don't want to park phones in a virtual parking lot.  I want to see the blink.  This is important because if a manager doesn't grab the call because we are slammed, then the hostess needs to grab that call and take a message.  

What is the best way to set this up?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I think park locations may do what you want.  I set up something like that for a retail customer where they have park 1-4 on all phones.  They just park on an available line and use radios (or yell) to someone to pick up on line X.
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Hello Christopher.

Brandon is correct in saying that park locations would be the best way to do this. Placing a call on a typical hold only applies to the phone that the call was being handled on, so if you place the call on hold it doesn't show on the other phones that are assigned to that extension.

Park essentially places a call on hold in the cloud, so if you use a Park Location you'll be able to monitor whether or not a call is parked there via presence. If you set up the 4 hostess extensions, then you'll be able to set up presence so that they can all monitor when the others are on call. The Park Location will then light up after a call has been parked, and a different phone can pick it up.

You could also set up a paging group on the phones to send a page to all of the hostess phones informing the manager that there is a call waiting.

If you need assistance setting this all up, you can either call into support at 1-888-898-4591 option 3, or you can take a look at the articles below.

Park Locations -

Paging Groups -
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thank you!