Multiple users for desk phones.

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We really need to be able to have multiple people on any phone. While this system is great for small businesses even a small business like ours has more than one single dedicated receptionist. Granted that I have a phone that has an owner of reception 1, but 3 different people sit there. We also have two reception phones that various people sit at. We also have two nursing stations that have various people there.

So there is no way to utilize the directory for anything that resembles usefulness. Why can't there be a simple login system? If I don't log out then leave that phone alone. But it is such a basic thing to be able to log into a different computer but I can't do it with the phone that is sitting there next to it?

I am considering dumping the money to go back to another local hardware system to gain back some of this basic functionality. I have to turn off dial by name because I can't be sure when and where some of my folks are at any particular time.
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Posted 7 years ago

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I am up to 16 phones and I have flooded my office with names like "Halsey Reception 1" and stupid things like that. I have half a dozen people that stay put "most" of the time. But in a modern office why is it necessary to lock down a phone to a specific spot? Why cant I have a couch area with a phone and if someone is sitting there working on a proposal, why cant they log into THAT phone and just get their calls. This is just such basic functionality here. I understand that the programming aspect of this would be crazy but that part is not mine to worry about.

Is it true that only a half dozen people like this idea? I would be really interested to see just how you guys are getting around this restrictions. Chime in please!!
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Hi Ken, I have many customers with similar setups and have not heard of this complaint. I would be interested in talking with you to really understand where the issue is. There are many options with call routing with in the system and from what you have explained I still do not see the main issue.

E-Mail me directly so we could chat and hopefully I could suggest some configuration options to meet the needs


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Hi Ken - desk phones typically aren't designed to support multiple logins. We do, however, offer a free softphone for Mac and Windows computers - as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android - that provide the kind of functionality you're looking for. The softphone, in particular, should work well, since your employees are always on their computers (I'm guessing). You can download the softphone at the Tools tab in your online account and the apps from the App Store or Play Store.
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I'd like to see this feature as well. In response to Ben Foster and RC-Installer, this is a very common feature set on Avaya IP Office, Avaya Aura, and Cisco Call Manager. Sometimes it's called Hot Desking, sometimes it's called Hotelling. The idea is that you ought to be able to log out of a device and re-assign it to another user or extension on the fly.

I need this because I have several cubicles that are open - meaning anybody can come sit there. It would be great if they could log into the phone to take their own calls. I guess this could be done from the admin console - unassign a device, and then re-assign it to another user. But, this is cumbersome.

I know that this deals with the core architecture of the system - and how 'users' 'extensions' and 'devices' are defined (and charged to users - it seems like for RC Office, users/extensions are really free - but the monthly fee is triggered by adding a device).

So not essential - the work around is to physically move phones around - or have users just plug in their own desk phone when they're using an office and put it away when they leave.
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I have actually signed up for in contact call center addition to ring central. It solves all of those issues at least since I can swing an 8 Member call center. It is still a work around as far as I am concerned and the user login is such basic functionality that it is still hard for me to swallow that it is not included. I have not looked at other cloud based PBXs but I can see it as a major selling point. I would never have gone with them if I had known then that the multi-user functionality was not a basic configurable item.
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Hotelling/Hot desking is very complex to configure on broadsoft or RNG based platform. The best solution I found so far for this feature is Mitel.
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Rather than having the option for hoteling, why would you not simply have those users adjust their call forwarding from their "home" desk location to the "temp" desk location. Then, they would turn off forwarding when they go back "home". This really isn't more work for the end user, either they login to a deskphone or they login to adjust their settings. If they have the mobile app insalled on their iOS/Android device, the extension settings are easy to get to.