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I use tasks regularly and although it somewhat works for me, it is lacking quite a few features compared to other apps I have used. One of those that is REALLY needed is the ability to add a child task off the parent (subtask). There is just no other way I can see to be efficient and organized like I would like.

For example, tasks and subtasks might look like this:


[ ] Parent task
    [ ] Child task 1
    [ ] Child task 2
    [ ] Child task 3

Pretend that there is a check in Child task 2 box, which causes the strikeout to show that particular subtask, of the whole, is completed. When all tasks are complete (or perhaps even if all aren't) I could then check the parent task and that task would be "considered" complete - leaving possible child tasks incomplete. Sounds strange, but maybe my project changed and I didn't have to finish a subtask, or I didn't have time, but still need to mark the main task as being complete as it is going to be and still show what actually wasn't (no strikeout) if I ever had to go back and check. It and the child tasks would would then disappear from the screen (with a pending filter active) - just like what happens now with each completed task.

I could "kind of" do a workaround and use Sections as the Parent Task, but that would get so messy. Why not just allow subtasks like almost all other similar task apps do?
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Posted 1 year ago

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I agree.  We work in insurance and at renewals we have multiple tasks that need done for each renewal.  It would be nice to have subtasks that can be checked off individually.

  • ABC Renewal
    • Request quote
    • Quote received
    • Run comparison
    • Deliver renewal
    • ABC decision made
    • Send plan change to carrier
    • Create election sheets
    • Collect election sheets
    • Send census change to carrier
    • Update database with new plan information
Creating separate tasks for each of these is not very convenient or efficient and clogs up our tasks.  Having subtasks under a task allow you to easily see what items still need done for the task. 
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This is EXACTLY what one of my scenarios (sales team) requires, so I feel your pain. Hopefully the Glip team will understand the absolute need for this. I am sure many others want the same functionality, but have not spoken up. Please Glip team - make this happen ... :)
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Totally agree with the need for subtasks.

If Glip ever gets subtasks, I would also like to see a feature for the "%" task-completion option, where it divides 100% of the parent task by how many subtasks there are - e.g. 4 subtasks would be 25% per task. Once all subtasks are complete - 100% of the parent task is complete, and the task finally checks off.

But...I'm getting ahead of myself...
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Yes, keep 'em coming - all good ideas. I hope RC is listening to its paying customers!
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Daniel Dolinov

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Wunderlist (Microsoft To Do) is a good example of that.  Within each task I can create any number of subtasks.
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Yes, pretty standard function now with every similar app I know. Hopefully RingCentral doesn't take the Apple approach and come out with all this innovation years after it is old news everywhere else. Obviously, there are ideas coming in everywhere, and many are good, but they should at least give us what is already mainstream and many people consider a necessity.
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I also agree. We need sub tasks to use this functionality. It would also be great to have the ability to copy tasks and maybe create templates. 
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Eric Vogel

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PLEASE provide subtasks