Notifying Participants You Are Recording Their Call

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In the state of Virginia (and in all states) you must notify participants of a phone all that you are going to record them, if you wish to do so.  Can you please develop a button that comes up on the participant's end stating something like "the organizer may wish to record all or part of this call at any given point".  Do you agree to this call being recorded?  And the participant can click yes or no.  In Virginia, if you're having a conference call with multiple participants, only one person has to consent.  But other states require all participants to consent to record the call.  So you might want to word it to cover both scenarios.  

Also, in the state of Virginia, a separate consent is required to record a web conference (video call).  Virginia's consent to videotape is this (but it varies from state-to-state) so someone on your legal team has a lot of work to do.  But if you could set this up for our account, and we do have attorneys that work for us, we would appreciate it. 

My signature below confirms that conditions of my consent to be photographed/videotaped have been explained to me, and I understand the following:

 Ø  I am not required to be videotaped and I am under no obligation to have this session recorded. 

 Ø  I can withdraw my permission at any time during or after the session.

 This tape may be sent for release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for web casts, telecasts, live streaming, promotional purposes, advertising, inclusion on web sites, and/or any other purpose by (company).  

Ø  original copy of this consent form will be kept in the business records of (company) 

 Ø  I may contact (company) at any time with questions or concerns at(phone).

Must have a signature.  Maybe a checkmark can be an electronic signature.  I'm not sure.

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> "In the state of Virginia (and in all states) you must notify participants of a phone all that you are going to record them, if you wish to do so."

Not true. The majority of states are one-party notification states (Virginia is one of them) where only the caller needs to know that the call is being recorded. Only California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington state are two-party (must notify ALL parties) notification states.
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Ok so for those of us that do business in Illinois, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania is there and option for notification?

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You would setup a connecting message that tells the incoming caller that "this call may be recorded..." and for outgoing calls the agent would tell the person that they may be recorded. For Video I would put something in the invite notifying them the the meeting could be recorded.