Option to remove the "stop/start recording" announcement when you mute the recording during a recorded call.

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We have US based phone service through RingCentral.  We are a pest and lawn company and when new customers sign up for service, they give us their credit card numbers to put on autopay.  
I know that there is the feature where you can mute the recording in the middle of the call to protect sensitive information.  However, there is an announcement when you do that stating that the recording has stopped and then again when you unmute there is an announcement that the recording has resumed.  We've already implemented the recording announcement at the beginning of the phone call so I feel it's unnecessary to have the "stop/start recording" announcements as well.  I would like the option to turn those announcements off.
Ideally, when a customer is getting ready to give us their credit card number, we would mute the recording and they would give us the card information, we'd repeat the information, then turn the recording back on, with no interruption in the phone call for call recording announcements. 
Having this option would make the customer's information stay more secure and it would allow the conversation to continue to flow smoothly.
We currently have 2 users and both users would utilize this feature.
I appreciate your time and consideration!
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Posted 2 months ago

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