Out of Office Voicemail Greeting and Initial Voicemail Greeting setup within the Softphone App

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Feature Request -
Allow a user to set a call handling rule via the soft phone interface as well as record/set the voicemail greeting. Overall empower the end user with the soft phone app for items they should be able to do without navigating away.

Use Case Scenario -
Call Handling - Employee is going to be going on vacation for the fourth of July or for a week around the fourth (Happy 4th of July next week everyone!) and wants to set a voicemail greeting that says they are out of the office. They don't want to override their normal voicemail greeting since it is great and downloading/uploading things is not friendly to an end user.

If in the app there was a choice they could use to say "Out of Office" message that would take them to the ability to setup a call handling rule would be great. Currently they need to:

1) Go Into "Settings" in the soft phone app
2) Go to "General" , "My Extension Settings"
3) Choose "Call Handling & Forwarding", 
4) Choose "Advanced" - At this step no one ever knows that the heck is going on to just set a different greeting. In 25 year old phone systems they even had the option to just say set active voicemail greeting number 1, 2,3, ect.. that you could record.
5) Add Rule
6) Name the rule (4th of July time off)
7) Choose Date/Time
8) Choose Specific Date Range
9) Select dates
Wowzers, I need to take a break for a moment, i just want to go on vacation and its 4:59 PM the day before I leave.
10) Choose "Take Messages Only"
11) Click "Edit" under voicemail greeting
12) Choose "Custom" 
13) Click record"
Finally the home stretch! Oh well its 5:15 already.

You can see how the above is not efficient or something that most end users will have any clue on how to do even with the most technical or experienced.

This goes for the same example of setting the initial voicemail custom greeting message as well , most people ask, how do i set my voicemail greeting that is heard by default, go to settings, a web page, messages, edit, custom, record..... wow alot of steps just to say please leave a message.

Each of these things should be placed in the soft phone application. Keeping a happy internal customer with how easy to use a system is means I don't get comments about well thats dumb, and we should look for something easier to use. I don't know if there are efforts to continue the push of the soft phone to be less web page extension settings oriented and keep the soft phone improving but it should be if not. 

Benefit of Such Feature -
End users can set their out of office voicemail and initial greetings through the click of "Settings" , Default Greeting , Record, Save. 

Number of Users/Digital Lines -

Closing Remarks -

Maybe I am off base with what I think should be something that has already come up by developers as a way to easily improve the soft phone app which is where the world is headed. I'm interested in the communities input how you handle getting your employees to go through a 15 step process to setup their voicemails or set custom ones for when they will be out of the office.

Thank you,
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Randy Edler

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Posted 1 year ago

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Bob Robinson, Champion

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In 1995 at IBM, I had the ability to create 3 different greetings and switch between them.  It baffles me a bit that this isn't already a feature with RingCentral.

Regardless of whether a user does this on a desk phone, softphone, or portal, they should have the ability to not only set multiple greetings, but to schedule when each of them is used.  Vacation, busy with meetings, out for the afternoon, etc.  You might could even set up particular greetings for specific callers (top client, boss, etc.).
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Randy, marry me. Also, can I borrow your list of tedious steps and hand it out to my employees so I can stop typing it out for them? RingCentral, please help us out. This is painful.
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Bob Robinson, Champion

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In the new RingCentral (Glip) app on both mobile and desktop, I don't even see a way to access or manage settings, either directly or via the portal.  I have an option under the 3 dots (More) in the lower left on the smartphone app to access Admin Tools, but I think that's only there because of my admin status.

Can't believe this idea has only received 4 votes!
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So much agreed.  Setting out of office on our PBX from the 90's was absolutely easier and more intuitive than this.   Also, when I finally got in to record the message (Randy's step 11 above), the UI terminology of "edit" "custom" greeting made me worry it was going to overwrite my existing custom greeting.  For the record, it does not - it adds a new one...so why not say "add" or "record" instead of "edit"???.  ANYWAY, this is a ridiculous and confusing gauntlet to run just to set an #%$^& out of office greeting.  Thanks Randy for the entertaining feature request, which at least for me served as de-facto RC documentation on how to set out of office, since, well, googling "how to set out of office on RingCentral" brings this up #1. Not a good look, RC.  lol