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Please add a timed ringback for calls on Park Locations ASAP. This seems like a basic feature that I'm surprised was not implemented with the release of Park Locations.

Currently we have the ability to set a ringback time (through you guys) for calls that are parked at 800 extensions. Please extend this feature to include Park Locations.

Case #: 04899173
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Michael Walkley

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Posted 4 years ago

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Steven Yaskin

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I absolutely support this feature request as basic functionality that must be present for the Park locations. Without "beep on hold" it minimizes the purpose of the Park locations drastically.
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Pat Lewis

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There is currently a 5 minute time out on the parked call, and at that time the call rings back to the user that parked the call.  However, there will be no one that waits a full 5 minutes on hold.  We need to have the ability to change this timeframe.
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I just got off a call with RingCentral support stated the same. 
@Pat Lewis:  I also learned during this call that Park on the Polycom or physical phone is different than the Park Locations available in RingCentral.  Apparently, the Park button on the phone only works on the internal network and is not handled by RingCentral networks.  You should be able to contact RingCentral support and get this time changed as it is pushed out through a phone configuration file.  At least that is how it works on our VVX500/501's. 
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Amy Warrum

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We have park locations set up on our Polycom phones so that all users can see when there is a call parked in our system.  However, we have had a customer complaint that they were left on hold for more than a half hour before they hung up.  Obviously that is unacceptable.  We have spoken to customer support on a couple occasions and realize that you don't support ring back for this function but we would like for you to consider doing so.  We have several calls with people wishing to hold for our customer service and the public parking option that only supports one call in park that rings back after 5 minutes is not an option for us.

Thank you.

Amy Warrum

BDA 317-867-3799 or

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Leonard Jenkins

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They seemed to have already added this.
However, in their infinite wisdom - with a set value of 5 minutes.
We need it to be 10 minutes, and nothing can be done...

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Carrie Weyer

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Definitely need this ring-back feature on parked calls. It is too easy to leave people on park too long as there is no way to time the caller's park time. RING BACK is definitely needed in two minute intervals. We don't want our callers lost on park. Please add a ring back feature to our phone system!!!
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Jeff Roth

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I'm throwing my hat into this one too.  It needs to be an adjustable amount of time that will ring back to the person who parked the call.  I currently have a request for 30 seconds.  Customers are being forgotten about on parks.  
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Douglas Lowe

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Timed ringback for private park groups.

1. US Business

2. Engineering consulting firm with 130 employees.

3. Ringback timer for private park groups. Ideally configurable by park group (eg, "Park 1" has a 2-minute ringback; "Park 2" has no ringback; etc.)

4. The front desk receptionist parks a call on a private park group (for example, a park group created for an executive). The intended recipient never picks up the call. The receptionist forgets about the call and the caller hangs up in frustration.

5. Fewer forgotten parked calls & frustrated callers.

6. 130 users, 180 DLs.
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Max Yegorov

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This is a feature that has been available on numerous providers we'd used before Ringcentral, and we would really like to see it implemented as we're running into issues with customers being forgotten on park.
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Ellen Ripley

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Example: Customer that runs a Parts Desk, has multiple locations. Park Presence Keys are programmed on 10 Parts Desk physical phones (polycom).  Problem: Calls will Never ring back if forgotten. Solution: A recall time-out should applies to Parked Calls (aka: Park Locations, Park Presence Keys)  to Recall the User that placed the call on Park after a time-out.  Similar to Park Orbit (*8xx) recall (currently 5 minutes).
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We use park locations through the phone system so that the parked calls are visible on the phones in presence.  There is currently no ring back period set and we are getting complaints that people are being left on hold for 30+ minutes.  It would be great to have an option to may turn on/off a ring back by park location and the option to control the time frame.  It looks like according to this thread some like longer ring backs and others want it as short as 30 seconds.  For us, about 2 minutes would be sufficient.