Park locations - Ring back on phone after specified interval

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  • Account type  (U.S., Canada, UK,  AT&T, Telus, BT):  US
  • A brief description of the business:  Engineering
  • A high level description of the product or feature being requested:  We are using Polycom VVX500/501 phones.  The way call parking works on these phones is ideal.  If someone presses park, the call will ring back on this person's line after a specified amount to time if nobody takes the call.  It does not function this way with the Park Locations feature on the RingCentral network.  Everything works properly, but the issue is that once a call is parked, it will never ring back to the user.  If you enable the setting in Presence that says "Ring my phone when any user I am monitoring rings" it will ring immediately after parking the call which does not work for us.
  • A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature:  While it is not ideal, we have several offices that for their own reasons do not want to abandon overhead paging.  The workflow is that the admin will pick up the phone, determine who the call should be routed to, place the call on a Park Location, then overhead page the individual telling them to pick up the specific Park location used.  If they do not pick up the Park Location, we would want this call to ring back to the admin so that they are aware that the call is still on hold. Currently, the only way to determine this is by visual inspection of the HUD/Presence buttons on the phone.
  • Benefit of such feature:  Allow for more efficient use of the Park Locations
  • Include any related case number if applicable: N/A
  • Number of Users and/or Digital Lines:  ~600
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Posted 2 years ago

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Brandon, Champion

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Agreed.  I have a retail customer that would like this too.  Park locations are a nice way to replicate 'square key' functionality for retail shop type businesses that like the idea of having lines 1-4 on many phones to share calls on.  The fact that the calls don't ring back makes it easy for them to get forgotten/lost.
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Joanne Silbernagel

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Totally agree.  Ring back would be very helpful
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Angela Silbernagel

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Agreed! We have about 20 users, a much smaller office. But this would make a huge difference for us to give better service to our clients. Thanks!
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Brad Otto

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My firm is a RingCentral partner.  This would definitely be a useful feature to advertise to RingCentral clients of ours.  The fact that the park button already supports this feature makes this a no brainer to add to park locations as it would just bring expected functionality to park location buttons.
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Carolyn Melphy, Employee

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I have a client that provides nursing home services, and they need the overhead paging - and using Park Locations - they lose visibility to calls on Park.  If  the call could ring back into the Queue after a particular time frame, that would alleviate leaving callers on hold for a long duration. 
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We have currently have 18 locations, most of which use this phone system and are currently around a 400 seat account.  We will likely have over 600 users when we finish our implementations.  This enhancement request is huge for us!!  Just utilizing the park feature via soft keys and and the auto assign 800# eliminates all visibility of the call on hold and introduces the risk of user at facility A accidentally picking up a call that was parked at facility C and them not knowing how to go about getting that call back where it needs to be without lots of frustration and unnecessary effort from all involved.  With assigning park locations in presence we have visibility of the call on hold, only that facility sees their calls, it's very easy to use, and is the best scenario for us.  However with no ring back option we often times have callers that get frustrated with being left on park for extended periods of time.  This feature would be of GREAT value to us!! Preferably with an option time setting, ie. the ability to set how long the caller sits before ring back.  It it has to be a fixed time, i would hope for nothing longer than 3 minutes.
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Carrie Weyer

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We need a ring back feature on our phones to make sure no one gets stuck on park too long. It is easy to leave people on park for longer that hoped especially in a busy office. This is a very important feature and this is the only phone system that I know of that does not have it. All other systems I have used included this feature and it is definitely missed!
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Max Yegorov

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We would also like this feature.  We have about 25 users across 3 locations and this would be very useful to ensure no calls slip through the cracks.
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Klinger Pharmacy

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I have numerous pharmacy clients that expect to have this feature built in already. Most analog and other VOIP services have this call back feature already.. why doesn't RC? This tread was created a year ago, can someone please push this through? Park with ringback after a certain time.
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We really need this feature on Private Call Parking. Apparently it only works on public call park after 300 seconds which is not sufficient for us. We use private call park and need it to ring back to the person who parked the call. We would also like the ability to define the number of seconds, 5 mins is too long.
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Gary Manske

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All, call park is a great feature and the Bridge Operator Console takes it to another level with "Park For". It not only provides visibility to the parked call(s) and who they're parked for but also messages the user the call is 'parked for' that they have a call. Very helpful. Check out the Bridge Operator Console in the app gallery:
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We would really like this feature to be part of RingCentral as well.  Our old system would ring back to the user's phone after about a minute and this really helped keeping calls from being forgotten & disconnected.