Admin: override Password 60 Minute Lockout

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Users, in my experience, are bad at password management. I had an experience today that pointed out what I perceive to be a missing feature of your service.

A user forgot his password, made 4 attempts to access his account, then promptly recieved an email stating that his account was locked for 60 minutes. I, as a super admin, and Ringcentral's own tier 1 and 2 support could not remove this lockout.

Goal: I would like for account admins to have the ability to remove account locks from user accounts.

Some info:

  • User password resets are intentionally disabled on our account.
  • The first lockout duration was 60 minutes. There were no shorter duration previous to this. This is overzealous for a normal user account in my opinion. A 5 minute lock (which also prompted the user to contact his administrator) would be a good first step, followed by an hour lock
  • The user typed in his password only about 4 times by his recollection. Again, following this with a one hour lock seems a little overzealous.
  • There is no feedback in the UI (on Ringcentral mobile or web) letting the user know about the lockout, only a security email sent. (I assume this is a security precaution)
I hope you can agree that this feature would make using Ringcentral a lot smoother for admins and 

Thanks for your consideration.
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Karim Khalil

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  • :(

Posted 4 years ago

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Joseph Owen

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I second this!
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Karim Khalil

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Robert Moore

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This needs to be a feature available to admins.  I have an executive that "locked" out his account after a few tries and now he cannot get signed into his smart phone app on his replacement phone.  Tech support told me they cannot unlock him and that he would have to wait 60 minutes.
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Chris Robinson

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I also agree. This is ridiculous. The account admin should be able to remove the lock.
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Anthony Engel

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+99. This happened to our CFO today; very frustrating. 
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Kim, Alum

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Please VOTE in the upper right corner to request this feature.  

In the meantime, support can override this with the User or the Admin. 
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Justin Davis

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Weirdly, support just told me they couldn't. Voted for the feature request. Since the user in this case now can't find the lockout email. Admin control of this would still be great.
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Mike, Official Rep

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Sorry for the misinformation. We actually encourage customers to submit idea/feature requests and vote on ideas here on the Community. 
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Anthony Engel

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If, in fact, support can override this, then this feature already exists. Please provide this functionality to your customers, too. 
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RC support can override this and they certainly need to give this access to us.  We should not have to call support to unlock one of our users accounts.
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Nathan Malone, U.S. Tier 3 Support

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Hello all, definitely understand the frustration that can come from this.

If the User locks themselves out of their account they can still get signed in immediately if they reset their password. When they get locked out the notice has a link for them to reset their password. If they select this they can reset the password by answering their security question or by sending themselves an email.

Once the password is reset they should be able to sign into the service web, softphone, mobile app, and meeting application without issues.

Of course, now they have a different password to remember which might cause the issue to arise again, but I hope this provides a little help for you all as you wait on the feature request.

Nate Malone, Tier 2 Technical Support
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Tonya Bray

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This did not work for us. I agree, and Admin should be able to clear lockouts. It's completely ridiculous
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Aaron Hartzler

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Hi Nathan, while that answer in theory sounds like a solution, the request I have is to allow admins to unlock a locked account, not to have the user reset their password. IMHO the password reset solution is not an acceptable solution. 
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Can we get an update on this? Why is it so hard to let us as admins clear a lockout?
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John Salewski

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Nate is correct... please read what was in his post. 
The user has control to do this themselves... if locked out due to bogus password entries / attempts... they will get an email from Ring Central.

Click the link in the email to reset password (you can use the same password) in order to re-enable the account (this will shortcut the 60 minute timeout).    If an admin resets the password, you still have to wait for the 60 minute window to expire.
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Cecile Glassy, Champion

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USA-based acct | 2287 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets 

2018-07-09: John - this is not correct info for all accounts.   I have been in direct contact with the Engineering Team on this issue and they are working on changing this. If the user does not recall the secret reset answers - they are locked out for the full duration.
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Kelly Griffard

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That's not what happened to me today.  I had a user locked out and she did do the reset password - she didn't get the email... I tried and of course, could not reset so I had to call support and he told me very clearly that nobody but RingCentral can clear the lockout and once you're locked out, you won't get emails to change passwords and you MUST call support to clear the lockout.  It is crazy that an admin super user cannot unlock their own users.  Not only that, but to me, her user account looked just fine... it didn't say it was disabled or anything.  I definitely second this motion and will vote now. 
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Cecile Glassy, Champion

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The official response was not very helpful.  The reason they got locked out was, that they could not remember their password.  Frequently - expecting a user to remember the rest of their security question answers which they may have set months or years ago is not a way to have this fixed. They should be able to forward the message  using a checkbox or something on the same screen,  that they are locked out to their own local  RC administrative staff at the very least, and it should be made clear on the login screen that you have tried too many times and are locked out for 60 minutes -   like in red letters or something eye-catching.  
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Leon E

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This should be a feature. Allow the Admins to unlock their users.
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Chris Duquette, Champion

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an admin should be able to override a "entered too many times" password issue.
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I am new and hope to not encounter that! Please fix the issue.
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Lyndy Burnham

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I am the admin for our account and we have a tech support team that signs in to an Emergency Line on a rotating basis. A user with caps lock key on accidentally locked the account and could not sign in to take his shift. They cannot use the password reset link as they do not have access to the email account tied to this extension.  I concur with those above that a simple Admin access to the User account to "reset" the lockout status would be a very useful, and practical, feature. 
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Please consider this as a feature. 
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John Manwell

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We run into this issue periodically. Most of our systems are cloud-based so our users have a lot of different passwords to manage. So they will periodically make a mistake and get locked out. As a system admin, I should be able to fix that without having to call RC tech support.

Please add this feature!
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Cecile Glassy, Champion

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06-21-2017 requesting a clarification from RingCentral --- can a user override their own lockout by instead using their Google Signin?      This would be our preferred method for resolution if the "Admin override lockout" is not implemented.   Please advise. --- As we have 2000+ users this would be really helpful and we already know ALL users in our ecosystem do use their Google Login for many other access points in our organization.
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Cecile Glassy, Champion

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Thanks Saadet - this is the option will will use from now on, as all of our users have the EMAIL ACCESS box checked.
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Aaron Hartzler

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Allow for Admins to unlock locked accounts.

As an admin, I would like the option to see what accounts are locked out and be able to unlock them when a user enters their password incorrectly too many times. 
It seems unnecessary for us to have to call in and open an support ticket for such a menial task. Also, we are aware of the 60 minute time frame for being unlocked, however we feel this is far too long for a user to not be making or taking calls as a call center rep. 
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Hello RingCentral team, is there any chance this will ever be addressed? In my many years of dealing with accounts and systems that lock accounts I have never come across a system that doesn't allow the main administrator to unlock the account. What is the reasoning behind this? If the reasoning is to be a real pain the the arse then consider it "mission accomplished". We have a call center and now we are down one rep for an hour because they can't login and your password reset function does not work.
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Saadet, Employee

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Hello jkc405,

Sorry, I have not received an ETA on if/when this may become a feature.

You do have the option of contacting our Support Team who can override the lockout as long as they can verify you as an Admin on the account. 
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Chris Robinson

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Hardly a quick and easy solution. I don't understand why this would be so hard to implement. I'm sure RC has its reasons, but it is a real annoyance for me (and by the sounds of this thread many).
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Chris Duquette, Champion

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I just think a simple way for an admin to unlock an extension would be the best option. calling in, works sure, but then admins have to lose time during their day even if it is a quick call its time they shouldnt have to spend on the horn with tech support. maybe even making "unlock a locked extension" an addable feature to any non standard user extension would be a good feature perhaps.
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LeVar Chan-Williams

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What the hell????  And Admin should definitely have the ability to unlock a user's account.
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I cannot comprehend why this is not a built in feature. This isn't something that should even have to be thought about. This is basic functionality. 
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Scott Cayouette

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I am Experiencing the Same problem today and it seems that RingCentral Does Not Seem to really care or address Super Admin requests or even Feature requests either. I am in business of recommending Services to Future clients and I can say without qualms that I Will Not be recommending RingCentral to Any New clients and Will Try to move others Until this Issue has been Resolved....How Simple is that?
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LeVar Chan-Williams

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I guess the Techies over at RC forgot that other Techies will definitely crap talk services they don't like. Especially to each other in places like spiceworks and expert exchange.
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User still locked out even after resetting password. And now cannot receive customers calls. Brilliant!
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Saadet, Employee

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Sorry Teresa, please contact Support and we can override and reset the user's password
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Dmitri Mezhevich

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This definitely needs to be a feature. Too many times has this been a problem :(