Password and Pin input fields in the setup desktop web UI should allow typing passed the character limit and notify the user.

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Situation: Setting up account on desktop web browser.  

Problem area: Setting password and pin.  

What happened: I used a password generator/manager (KeePass) to generate a password with a little over the limit of 32 characters, copied it, and then pasted it into the new password field.  The website did not complain.  At a glance, it looked the same so I accepted it.  In the new pin filed, I typed a little more than the 10 number limit and noticed that the numbers at the end were not being typed as I typed them out.  I chose a smaller pin I would remember and continued on.  I later was signed out and had to sign in again.  My password never worked!  It was really frustrating!  But them I remembered the character limit.  I removed the last few letters off of my password and sure enough I was logged in.  Had I not noticed the number limit on the pin or used a smaller pin to begin with, I might never have thought to remove some characters from my password to sign in.  I might have even reset my password to another password too long and not noticed again and continued to have problems.  

My desired behavior:  So that this does not happen to someone else in future, I would recommend allowing the user to type more than the character limit on all input fields but not let them submit such passwords until they meet the requirements.  This would be much clearer, is usually the behavior on other websites, and doesn't cause confusion in situations like mine.  

Please fix.  :)
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