Presence: Caller on Hold causes other phone that monitor to ring

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I have 2 VVX500 phones. I have set both phones to monitor all lines as well as be able to pick up a line. The problem I have is that when I place someone on hold the other phone rings. The person can "silence" the call, but you can't tell why it is ringing so it is possible that person will pick up the line. I don't want the other phone to ring when a call is placed on hold. The help desk had me turn off the "Ring my phone when any user I am monitoring rings" to stop this, but of course now she can't hear any of the lines. The support desk said there isn't a fix for this. I would love for someone to work this bug out for us! Thank you!
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Posted 5 years ago

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Ernest Marquez

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Did you ever get this resolved. I have the same problem and it is very annoying.
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We are having the same issue and have heard from Ring Central that there currently is no fix. Please work on this ASAP. It's not just annoying - but makes no logical sense. When someone is on hold there is no reason the line should ring on other users phones.
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Julie Whitt

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I am in the same situation! Calls placed on hold make about 6 phones around our office start ringing and creates complete chaos! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find a way to disable "Ring Monitored Lines when On Hold" - but not new calls. This could very well cause us to switch phone companies. 
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Hi Chuck. Appreciate your effort in responding here but figured I'd help Tracey here as there seems to be a disconnect. We're in a similar configuration and have the same frustration. I've mentioned it to my never-ending carousel of account reps on several occasions.

It is a really, really basic thing we're asking for: we need people to be able to distinguish between a new call coming in and a call that has been placed on hold. I've had experience with a good half dozen office phone systems and have never seen one with this design flaw. 

I don't follow your hypothetical above but I'll give you an actual example:

Partner A gets a call from a number he doesn't readily recognize. He lets Assistant A pick up. It is a client..."Put him through!"

After chatting for a moment, Partner A sees his wife is calling on his mobile -  he knows he needs to take it. He puts the client on a brief hold - hey it's his company, he can do what he wants.

Assistant A is nearby but can't always see exactly what is going on in the Partner's office. Perhaps he closes the door to talk to his client.

Suddenly, the Partner's phone line is ringing WITH THE EXACT SAME RINGTONE as a new call. She doesn't know if the Partner quickly finished his client call or put the call on hold...she has other things to do with her day than stare at the monitored line fur the duration of every call the Partner takes...

...or, even worse, Assistant A got up to get water, and now Assistant B has no idea whether it's a new call or a held call, and doesn't even know the client that is sitting on hold. She picks up and says, "Good morning, Partner A's office," and now the client is all pissed off because he thinks he's being bounced around the office and nobody knows what's going on and blah blah blah. 

Anyway, there are probably a half dozen solutions or desired options/configurations to address this issue, but at the most fundamental level, if we could just get a different ring tone for calls on hold vs. new inbound calls, we'd have a 90% solution.

If helpful to you we're mostly using Polycom Sounpoint 650s which can absolutely support this functionality because they did on Verizon before we ported them to RC, so it's definitely a software issue. 

Sorry for the essay but really hoping RC can fix this as it's likely to be a driving factor for us to leave the platform as well. Thanks. 

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Hi Mike,

   Thanks for this.  Do you work in a different capacity from Saadet?

   I recognize that this may not be a priority for the product / may not be on the road map at all.  But this request has been live & upvoted for 3+ years without ANY response from RC whatsoever.  If the community forum is seriously meant to be anything besides a user-to-user echo chamber, that's contemptibly neglectful.

   Every question/request merits some response from RC.  Certainly every up-voted one.  In this specific case, for RC to even simply report that this is a RC product design vs. a Polycom restriction would be a huge help to the affected customers.  Absent any information from RC, we're left working support cases with two different companies just to figure out whose decision this was.

   I'd like to follow-up on your note that "your votes do help."  The fact that the top-voted request is over 3 years old and still tagged "No status" doesn't give credence to that claim.  Would it be possible for you to shed some light on the feature request pipeline from Customer => PM => Dev => Feature?   Or Idea => Under Consideration => Planned/Not-Planned?  (If there's already such info available, could you provide a link?)

   Too many Idea threads in the community end with "Hello?  Is anybody reading this?" type of remarks.


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This issue needs an immediate  solution.  Other cloud pbx providers do not have this issue