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Currently, messages can be downloaded and are saved to the computer with the following filename format:

ex:  Message-20150629-122702

Please add the "From" phone number to the filename.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Danno, Champion

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I know CALL RECORDINGS include the phone numbers, but apparently they treat VM messages differently.  Sounds like a fair request..

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shankara raghuraman

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Hi Danno,
I would like this feature myself. I think that the filename could contain <callerID:date:time> This would simplify the processing of information that I collect and record in spreadsheets and maintain weekly.

Thanks for championing this idea.
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Also, please offer option for downloading Messages in 16 bit PCM encoding format. Thanks.

It seems the Messages use u-Law encoding? It is not compatible with MATLAB wavread function. Can you please offer wave file in 16 bit PCM encoding? 

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I used MATLAB audioread function and it accepted the wav file.

Please append caller ID to the wav file format. thanks.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled User Settings: Voicemail file saved on PC, change File Name.

with the Softphone App "RingCentral for Windows"

when a voice message or fax arrived then a MP3 file or PDF file getting Created on the Computer,
(in the folder: C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\RingCentral\SoftPhone\XXXXXXX\voicemails)

a long time ago on previous version
the FILE NAME on the Computer was created with the same file name as the file name in the Email Notification for Example: +442088000000-0831-155726-147 on that File Name its include the CALLER ID followed with the date and time and Message number (0831 = Aug31 155726 = 15:57:26)

last year or so, all changed (on the email notification is still OK)
the File name on the Computer getting Created with a Combination of number (for example: 383226768064_383226768064_1) what for us Users it means nothing!

we use the MP3 / PDF file from the voicemails folder to BackUp a Copy for a later date when we looking for a specific Message so we got the option to Search by Caller Id or by date and Time

The way how we work is
everyday we getting 30/40 all kind of message
all those messages need to get sorted and Categorized
so we go to the Voicemails Folder and taking out from there all MP3 files and adding on the file name the Subject and then save them in the relevant folder.

BUT! before when the Caller id Date and Time was Automatically the File name we had those details ready,
and from when you changed it to just a Combination of number we got a whole work to look up on the Email Notification till we find the message and take the details from there