Please add the ability to pause and resume a recording

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The ability to pause and resume a recording, whether it be video, audio or both, especially both, would be extremely powerful and helpful. I am new to RingCentral and, frankly, blown away by such cool technology and the capabilities it affords its users. I was, however, disappointed that I could not pause and resume recording a meeting. If that feature can be added, as I see it, Moviemaker and PowerPoint would become immediately tedious, by comparison, for creating presentations. It would be so convenient, in terms of creating presentations, to be able to start a one person meeting, record the meeting, but do so a step at a time, pausing as needed to change screens, prep dialogue, etc. In addition to being able to pause a meeting, it would be terrific if we (users)could also be able to play back, for review purposes, the individual recording "segments." By "segments" I am referring to the portions of the recorded meetings that are defined by the pauses, between pauses. For example, during the course of a meeting, if we have the ability to pause a meeting without creating a completely separate recording, one might pause a meeting five times. Doing so would create five of what I am referring to as individual recorded "segments" - where four of the segments might be perfectly fine first shot out of the box, but one of the five may need to be re-recorded. Finally, where a re-recording would be required we would need the ability to insert the re-recorded segment wherever it belongs in the overall recording. There is an alternative, a shortcut, and if it already exists within RingCentral please excuse me. I have been told that in order to connect individual RingCentral recordings the recording files have to be imported into other types of editing software. I have no problem creating individual recordings in RC, but having the ability to pick and choose which recordings I want to use, and then be able to link together the segments I choose, into one recording, would solve this entire need. I hope RC will consider my request. As I see it, unless I'm missing something, RC could use the new offering as the basis for marketing RC as what would truly be the "most convenient" and "fastest" tool for creating audio and video presentations. Thank you.

Kirk Davis

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Posted 4 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Global Keyboard Settings - Mute/Unmute, Pause/Unpause Recording/Presentation.

Please add the ability to add a GLOBAL keyboard setting to mute-unmute the microphone as well as to pause/unpause the recording!
These two features would be tremendously productive for those of us holding frequent meetings.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled PAUSE button when a Meeting is getting recorded.

A PAUSE button is really needed to Pause the recording of a meeting in between rather than stopping the on going record. The problem with existing feature is that it creates many files and the user doesn't know that in which file the main details are recorded, so the user have to go through each and every file again. So, its better to create only one recording file for one meeting.
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Hello Everyone,

We have made some changes with our RingCentral Meetings Application and you are now able to Pause & Resume your recordings for both Audio and Visual.

Check it out! :)
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Hello Ring Central Support, I wanted to find out, if you recorded a meeting in Ring Central, can you pause the recording and resume the recording another day?
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Consie English

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If not, this would be such a nice feature to have in the future when updating the app/software.