Call Queue: all users in group to access voicemail through User's Desktop/Mobile App

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Our calls are automatically forwarded to three users.  If no one answers, the call goes to the operator voicemail.  We need all users to be able to access that voicemail easily through the web and MOBILE APP.  They already have administrative permission, but the app fails to give access to the voicemail.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I want this too! I don't like logging out of my extension and into a group extension just to check voicemails, one solution I had was to set the notifications of voicemail to include "attachments".  This at least sends me an email with the .mp3 of the voicemail.
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The problem is this is a no-go for those organizations with the HIPAA Conduit Setting. I deal with organizations in the Medical Transportation and Healthcare sector.
Right! HIPAA messes everything up.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue Messages.

It would be nice to have the ability to see all of my own extension's voicemails as well as any queue voicemails I belong in the same place (or at least access them easier). Right now, I have to log out (whether web or desktop) of my own extension, login as the queue extension to check, and then log back out/in as my own extension. Yes, we have the messages forwarded to a common email, but it would be nice to be able to manage them more easily (especially for the less savvy users in the organization).
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I always felt like the login to a group was a bad and very non-intuitive way of handling the system.
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Yes.  This is the one thing about Ring Central that is bugging me now.

Ideally have the Call Queue voicemail show up inline with my messages, with the Call Queue name on the message some where.

We also don't need new copies per person.  If someone handles it and deletes it, I want it deleted as well.
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So is anyone at ring central listening to your customers. Your system of multi-logins for groups is non-intuitive and clunky. Time for the junior developers to hand this over to someone with a sense of efficient telephony.
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Please add this feature. The current process is very inefficient and it's surprising that Ring Central has not already accounted for this.

The current process is:
1. User has to log out of their account
2. Log into another account to access voicemails for the call que
3. Log out
4. Log back into their user account so they can return the phone calls

Any concerns regarding limited access can easily be accounted for by creating a setting where the system administrator can choose which call que members can access the voicemails; whether it's every one of specific people.
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I completely agree...this is quite an oversight on product development.

If I am part of a group, I should be able to access that voicemail while logged into my extension.

There is no security/HIPAA risks to ringcentral...the risk is on who ever set up the "group / call queue". If a patient/customer calls and leaves a voicemail on a "group / call queue", everyone associated with the "group / call queue" should have access to that voicemail FROM WITHIN THEIR PERSONAL EXTENSION ACCOUNT. It's crazy to expect us to log out / log in to the "group / call queue".

Please fix this...My anxiety level is already raised just thinking about the voicemails that can/will be missed. (Yes I know they will be emailed as well...but that's a far cry from an acceptable solution)
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RingCentral seems uninterested in making any improvements that don't drive profit.  Disgusting.
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This is my third time searching the forums to see if this issue has been resolved or a new workaround discovered.  So far no luck.  This is one of the reasons I'm just running out my contract and looking for a new provider.