PLEASE allow spoofing of outbound caller ID number

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  1. Account type  (U.S., Canada, UK,  AT&T, Telus, BT) - all
  2. A brief description of the business - all
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested - allow sending selected caller ID at least for new accounts before porting.
  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature - A customer or reseller can implement easier and faster.  As it is now, most customers will not want to use new RingCentral service on day 1 because anyone they call can only see their temporary caller ID (or no caller ID).  
  5. Benefit of such feature - I am a reseller and install many accounts and almost always this prevents us from an easy implementation and requires us to coordinate site visits with number porting.
  6. Include any related case number if applicable - N/A

I understand there may be business reasons for not allowing any caller ID to be sent, but this could be handled by using verification similar to the way RC already verifies accounts by calling or texting a number to verify ownership.  Every other VOIP provider I have worked with allows spoofing caller ID so this is a drawback for RingCentral and makes implementations more difficult and expensive to perform.
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Posted 3 years ago

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This is a huge issue that needs to be addressed ASAP. Does RC not realize they are losing customers by lagging on this?
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Noah Sanders

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Yes! We were sold Office@Hand and the sales rep assured me that porting would be no issue because he checked on his end. Apparently what numbers port to RingCentral Offcie@Hand is different compared to what will port to AT&T. At the moment we are trying to figure out a work-around, but it is frustrating that the phone number the company used for 20+ years won't show up on outbound calls anymore.
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This wouldn't work in Canada as it is in violation of CRTC policy
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Is that true even in the case of legitimate uses like spoofing to show another number that you own or a toll free number you own?
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is what true?
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I was replying to Rob Benn-Frenette about his statement that spoofing caller ID is a violation in Canada.  I know in the. US it is perfectly legal and in fact interconnecting telcos are required by the FCC to allow it.
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Similar to in the US, with proof of ownership we can spoof caller ID in Canada - we do it all the time on several carriers (Telus, Bell, Shaw,...)
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Christy Rogers

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This would help so much! I need to spoof my fax outgoing caller id number to use my local fax number as a return number. We need our incoming faxes to bypass RC.
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This is a very very important business tool that we need. ESPECIALLY as it relates to users/employees using their cell phones in conjunction with the incredible tools of Ring Central. Really need this feature as it's totally available in ANY Elastix or other VOIP/PBX system.
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David, that sounds most likely due to poor cellular data service (which is pretty much all of it in the US).  Voice over 3G and even LTE typically don't work well enough and I avoid that completely.  There are settings in the mobile app to prefer wifi and to use cellular voice connection when there is no wifi.  Basically, you can still use the app and get all the benefits, but never use cellular data.  Maybe in the coming years 5G cellular data will finally allow reliable voip.
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1. If thats the case, why do I have perfect service when the Ring Central number is forwarded to my cell?

2. I am out of the country 8 months of the year.  Right now, I have RC fowarding to my Google Voice number that then forwards to my foreign cell phone and works perfect.  The moment I use the RC app with the same phone service and its choppy again.

3. I played with the wifi and cell settings.  I found that didnt make a difference.  Sometimes I had great wifi coverage and the service was perfect and sometimes it was choppy. 
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1. Maybe we are saying the same thing.  When I get a call to my RC work number and am not on wifi it rings my cell. When on wifi it has exceptionally great voice quality, especially when the calling party is also using RC.

2. I think this goes back to my statement about cellular data services sucking in general for voip. There is a big difference between a regular cellular voice call and pushing voip over cellular data.

3. Probably not realistic to troubleshoot via a forum post, but voip works only as well as the network it is on.  Just because a youtube video looks perfect in full 1080p does not mean a voice call will work properly.  Latency and jitter are the enemies of voip and not noticeable for just about any other applications.
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@Brandon...I agree with you completely! I just didn't/don't understand why anyone would want to spoof a business number with their personal cell phone number. That's all I was wondering. But, as you say, if he owns the number and wants to use it...who am I to say anything against it.
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To set your mind at ease I can think of a good reason ;)

Say you are a small business that has always used your personal mobile number as your published business phone number.  Now business is good and you want to use RIngCentral and have a few phones and employees, etc.  You order the phones and plug them in, but don't want to send temporary/new outbound caller ID to all your customers when you call them form the new phones for two weeks while you wait for the number port to go through.   You are paying for service for the time you wait for the port and can't or don't want to use the new phones and service you are paying for because your customers will see a temporary caller ID and may not answer the call or it may cause confusion like them recording that number and trying to call you back on it a couple week Slater when it no longer exists.

This is similar to my use case except with this example I just gave it would not seem such a big deal to wait a while for the port.

Imagine a company with 100 users and new phones and they signed up and have started paying RingCentral $x per month.  They cannot really start using their phones and service they are paying for right away because they don't want customers to see a temporary caller ID.  They have to wait until their port goes through before they can use the phones.  On top of that.  Someone needs to scramble to plug in 100 phones that morning after the port is confirmed working causing some business interruption in the process.  Even worse, there is no way to phase or ease into the transition slowly as the customer would really like to let 10 users start using RC for a week or so to get familiar with everything and be able to train the rest of the users.  IT is all or nothing and there is no way to avoid some business interruption.  This is the problem I often have when moving a customer to RingCentral.  Any other service or new phone system would be quite simple to let a few users start using using the service before porting by spoofing the main, published number.  I could also phase them over by department and minimize service disruption by plugging in phones overnight or anytime I felt like it.  Then when the port ultimately goes through it would be completely transparent and not interrupt the business at all.

I sure hope RingCentral is paying attention to this.  It is a fairly big deal from my perspective as a reseller and never a happy discussion with new customers to explain how they are paying for service that they cannot really start using because of this seemingly simple technical limitation unique to RingCentral.  </rant>
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Please, please allow spoofing - making me want to change service providers
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Be able to change your caller ID to number you control - like a cell phone number....

I would like to have a non ring central number be the outbound caller ID, like my cell phone - possible?
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Most people use RIngCentral, or any other VOIP communications service, so that when they call out from their cell phone for business purposes, their personal cell phone number is not seen by the person called. Otherwise you could simply use your cell phone for personal and business use.

The bane of using your personal cell phone number for business purposes is that clients, employees, prospects and anyone else can call your personal cell phone 24x7 and disturb you...even in the middle of the night, as an example.

But with the RIngCentral mobile app, it would show your business number when you make a business call and if you set up custom business hours, a call to your business phone number will NOT ring through on the RingCentral mobile app during after business hours...and your personal cell phone will also not ring for business related calls during non-business hours as well.

While I definitely see a need for spoofing numbers in business related situations, the use of your personal cell phone number as the outbound Caller ID is a very strange and different request.
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Why is the RingCentral product team not implementing this feature? My startup team refuses to use RingCentral for this exact same reason.
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Jeff Austin

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This is a feature the we are becoming increasingly interested in. A previous company we have used, Inside Sales, has a nice article on the contact rate increases that come as a result. 
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Christopher Nelson

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As a RingCentral partner, this would be very useful in cases when the customer's existing numbers are non-portable. In many rural areas,people don't answer calls from numbers they don't recognize as a rule. Allowing a caller ID to be spoofed with a number that is verifiably owned by the spoofer would eliminate this huge factor limiting sales of RingCentral to rural businesses.
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Mike Drechsler

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Just ran into this problem.  We cannot use the system until our number ports over even though it is simple to forward calls to the temporary number and it's simple for them to verify we own the number.  

I advise anyone considering the ringcentral platform (or the Telus rebranded version) this is a serious problem during the transition period along with other reasons others have listed.

I can spoof any number I want using just about every other voip service I have used.  Some require you entering a code, some just allow anything though have some fine print in terms of service that might specify you must only use it for legitimate purposes.
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I'm in the process of porting over to Ring Central - brand new client. Our old VoIP provider, located in CA (small local firm), was able to show name of individual, company or whatever you wanted on outgoing phone calls - all Ring Central tells me they can do is show a "phone number."

I thought this was so basic that the question did not even have to be asked. Wow, was I wrong, If I knew that Ring Central could not do this we would not have moved to them.

Has anyone come up with a way to work around this issue? Incredible to me that this string goes back several years and the issue has not been addressed.
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I'm just now starting with RingCentral and thankfully discovered that they still are not allowing spoofed calls. EVERY Other VOIP provider that I have worked with allows spoofing upon proof of ownership of the number. I'm going to just have to set expectations that the outbound calls need to be made on their old phone during the setup and transition period. 
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I am a new RC customer as of Jan 2020 that has worked with VOIP service providers in the U.S. since the early 2000's. Spoofing in the U.S. is the standard with all our other U.S. based VOIP service providers. 
  • All users have a mobile cellular phone with phone number that is the main cell number for the user.
  • That main cell number is spoofed for the user's desktop IP Phone 1, IP Phone 2 and all apps.
  • All outbound calls from any device or app therefore come from one USER's main number = the USER's cell phone number.
  • Standard Operating Procedure.