Caller ID Names per user.

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I need to be able to set up individual caller ID names per user. I dont want the company name to show up for every outbound call.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Sorry Kevin, caller ID info is per account not per user.

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I like the idea!
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is this still the case ?  
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Jennifer...yes it is.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Enable CallerID to present User names, not Company name.

I have a US account for a company which places outbound calls on behalf of other companies; we cannot have our CallerID display our company name and need to be able to display our user's names instead.

When our salesperson Alice calls Barry on behalf of CrazyCorp, Barry sees "CLOSING ENGINE" as the CallerID, at the present.  We need Barry to see "ALICE" instead.  Barry would not be familiar with The Closing Engine, but would know Alice, so would expect to see that on their ID, not CLOSING ENGINE.
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For what it's worth, you might want to check this resource. I know nothing about them other than what I just read on their web site. Looks like it might solve your issue for the time being.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Caller ID needed to individual lines.

All lines need option to display outbound caller ID that is unique and not the company name. Please do this in your future updates. Thanks
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That's where LEGAL Caller ID spoofing comes in. Some other VoIP providers do allow this depending on the situation. I have an acquaintance who owns a business and his wife also owns a separate business. They have separate phone numbers but they go through the same VoIP provider (not RingCentral). That provider allowed Caller ID spoofing in their case (the provcider's support had to change it once approved. It is not configurable by the account owner) so that the wife's business shows XYZ Company while the husband's business shows as ABC Company. The both numbers are on the single account and it is a two-line/user account.

RingCentral does not have this functionality but I believe they should in instances like the aforementioned one as well as the situation you have. Some people say that Caller ID spoofing is illegal. It is NOT illegal as long as it conforms to the specifications in the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009.

Caller ID spoofing is generally legal in the United States, unless done "with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value". The relevant federal statute, the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009, does make exceptions for certain law-enforcement purposes. Callers are also still allowed to preserve their anonymity by choosing to block all outgoing caller ID information on their phone lines.

Under the act, which also targets VoIP services, it is illegal "to cause any caller identification service to knowingly transmit misleading or inaccurate caller identification information with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value...." Forfeiture penalties or criminal fines of up to $10,000 per violation (not to exceed $1,000,000) could be imposed. The law maintains an exemption for blocking one's own outgoing caller ID information, and law enforcement isn't affected.

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Jan, you are referring to caller ID "numbers" are illegal to spoof - but what this thread is about is caller ID "name" display - which is fully legal and very often configured on all phone lines from all carriers - we do this several times a week with all VOIP and land line numbers for improved clarity to call recipients.
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@Michael...You are making an assumption that just is not there. Where in my post do you see the word “number” other than in the first paragraph where I talk about a business that has two separate numbers. In that case I referred to the fact that each of the individual numbers has a different caller ID name, repeat different name.

To begin with the entire first paragraph pertains specifically to Caller ID names. Then the remainder of the post particularly speaks to the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009, which if you read it does not refer to numbers or names in particular. It just speaks to the legality of spoofing Caller ID information. Information, not a number.
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My apologies for reading too quickly Jan - you are correct.  Bottom line is that we all agree that ID spoofing if not illegal for the majority of the cases that RC users are wanting to use it for  AND  that almost all other telco providers (VOIP and landland) allow ID spoofing. - there are many of us that want and need it in Ring Central services PER phone number.
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It happens. Thanks for the post.
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I'm in the process of porting over to Ring Central - brand new client. Our old VoIP provider, located in CA (small local firm), was able to show name of individual, company or whatever you wanted on outgoing phone calls - all Ring Central tells me they can do is show a "phone number."

I thought this was so basic that the question did not even have to be asked. Wow, was I wrong, If I knew that Ring Central could not do this we would not have moved to them.

Has anyone come up with a way to work around this issue? Incredible to me that this string goes back several years and the issue has not been addressed.
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Minor update: The Caller Name (CNAM) information can be set per-site, not just per account.  

Being able to set it per-user would be awesome, especially if it could be done using a file upload or API.  Naturally, a report or API call to report on that information for all users would be a co-requisite :)

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I would like to add to the list of wanting Caller Name customization per user (i.e. extension).

Our company has hundreds of clients under our 'umbrella' phone number and we would love to be able to present them to customize the Caller Name to be their company name, not ours. It can be confusing to the people they call when they do not recognize our company name calling them instead of our clients' names. Thank you, iTherapy
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Hey Forrest, there is no CallerName options per user/line yet supported in RC, but you can set a unique CallerName (CNAM) for each site you have setup under your account.  You need to turn on the multi-site feature and then assign all your users and phone lines to different sites (that you define).  So this is at least a start.
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Hey Michel - It looks like you need to use multi-level IVR to turn on the multi-site feature.  I don't use the IVR because I desire a person answer the phone instead of getting a voice prompt for customers to respond and enter a number.  Is there a way for me to preserve my "old fashioned" call answering using the IVR system?  I don't know anything about the IVR...I own a company that has 8 people, so I'm the sales person, HR Manager, toilet cleaner, IT guy and lots of other hats :)  Thanks!
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Hey Wyatt - you are correct that multi-level IVR needs to be used, but you can use a "custom answering rule" in your IVR settings to bypass the menu and have it ring your receptionist/group/call takers for the main number(s).  
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Yes, you have to turn on multi-level IVR to be able to use multi-site settings, BUT you don't have use the IVR at all - you just need to turn it on.   Let me know how many RingCentral lines you have, how many landlines, how many and types of phonesets - then I can provide you some suggestions.  Bottom line though is that yes, you can use multi-site settings for CallerName and still have "old fashioned" personal answering (ie. no IVR)
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Please add this option as soon as possible! 
I was informed by an RC agent that this was in development but after reading through this thread, I'm sure I was misinformed. My company represents multiple vendors for billing. We need to have the ability to change the callerID display name to align with the company we are representing on that call. Not waiting 2 days without any display name (I was told is to clear the display name in the system), then another 2 days to apply the new display name (again, what the RC agent stated). Changing the display name on a caller ID should be an option down to the user level. If other (smaller & less reliable) VoIP providers have the feature, why not RingCentral? 

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Caller ID for internal calls only showing the name of the Super Admin.

When we do internal calls, only the name of the Super Admin shows as the caller ID along with the extension number of the user making the call. I was informed this is the normal behavior of the system.

I would like to request for the name of the actual user making the internal call to show up instead of the Super Admin.
It gets confusing at times because our employees do not have their extension numbers memorized.
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  1. Account type: RBS_CAN_RCO
  2. A brief description of the business not discussed
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: Customer can assign not just the caller id number of the call queue in use, but for the Calll Queue and its number to set its own caller ID. 
  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: Customer makes outbound calls and would prefer for the call queue name to reflect, instead of the main company name/caller id. 
  5. Benefit of such feature: ease of use
  6. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines 88 users/65 lines

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IMPORTANT to add line/user specific Caller ID!!  I use Verizon Mobile, Optimum Voice (an Altice company) and both allow customization of caller ID per line/ user.  The fact that outbound calls cannot represent a user/ line specific caller ID is ridiculous.  This drawback turns a 4.9 star company to a sub 3 star vendor.  Time to fix this.
Additionally using caps and small letters and dashes helps clarify and add professional branding to the Caller ID.  While we may not have the option to choose fonts, we should at least have some basics most competitors have. i.e. "Dean-SoundTrust" or just my name on personal extensions used in a home office.