Please turn ALL call recordings automatically on when creating a new extension, Ring Group, or Call Queue.

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Please change the options for recording calls to automatically on upon creating a new extension or Call Queue or Ring Group or any other way calls come in and out of RingCentral. It makes more sense to have to turn this off than it does to go through the hassle of having to turn it on.

Our team has had a frustrating morning because of this not being automatic. 

I have been our company’s RingCentral Administrator for the last three years. Everything that I read on RingCentral’s help and community websites about this has been wrong. It all says that as long as the individual extensions are set to recording calls, every call that comes through their extension will be recorded. Because it said this, I did not realize that when we created Call Queues there was another place where I had to go to turn on the call recording. James was so kind to help us learn this this morning and to help us turn it on. He did not know it was like this either. 

We have lost three years of call recordings that were never recorded because we believed that your information was correct. 

Please make this change. 

For those of you reading this that have this same issue...To set your Call Queues to record your incoming calls, your Admin will need to turn it on by going to “Phone Systems” then “Auto-Receptionist” then “Call Recording”. Look for “Extensions to Record” and click “Edit” under that. At the top of this screen find and click on “Call Queues”. Check the boxes of the Call Queues in which you want calls recorded and click “Save”. Your Call Queue calls will NOW be recorded.  
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  • frustrated.

Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Lisa,

I'm so sorry for this frustration, and I'm going to ask our KB Team to update the Articles about Call Recording to reflect that there is a difference between selecting Automatic Recording for Users vs. Call Queues.

So the reason you have to also select the Call Queues for Automatic Recording is because the beginning point of the call is in the Queue which is why it needs to be selected to be recorded, while the User section is in reference to a direct dial to their Extension. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled To have new extensions default to have their automatic call recording turned on.

To help our Product Team understand your request and assure it gets more consideration, please include the following details in your request: 

Account type  (U.S., Canada, UK,  AT&T, Telus, BT)

A brief description of the business 
Financial Technology company that provides service using big data analytics, engineering, and predictive modeling to help optimize cash flow for small businesses and freelancers with outstanding invoices.

A high level description of the product or feature being requested
We would like to have new users to have their automatic call recording for inbound and outbound calls to be enabled by default

A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature
We add extensions in bulk and we like to make sure it is always turned on.

Benefit of such feature
This is potentially damaging for companies that have to follow federal financial banking rules. Also will make IT's life easier for onboarding.

Include any related case number if applicable 07012950

Number of Users and/or Digital Lines 90+

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Yes, the same thing just happened to me for several new users I had added and I unknowingly had no recordings at all for them when I thought I was fine. It is a good thing I found this sooner than later.

One would assume that if auto call recording was turned on that it would apply to all, but as Lisa has stated, that is not the case. I like and appreciate the feature to be able to record only the extensions you wish, but I think it is backwards. and agree with Lisa again that it should be on by default. It is more likely that you want all or most calls recorded, with a few being the exception, than the other way around.

While I think a lot of thought has gone into many of the features and many do work well, some things are still a mess after several years (from the looks of some of the posts), and either don't work right or, are not intuitive - like this particular issue.

Saadet, thanks for the explanation about the call cues...
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Official Response
Great news! The Product Team has a new feature slotted for the 19.4 release that will allow you to turn on Automatic Call Recording as you're creating a new User extension, Call Queue, Shared Line, Limited Extension, or Paging Group :)

Update: currently this is for Premium and Ultimate accounts