Pollng Question: Desktop phone or Headset. Which would you choose and why?

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I am trying to figure out what office users prefer and why.    Thank you for your feedback.
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Posted 2 years ago

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If you're going to be on the phone a lot; or if you will be working with the computer while on the phone, then definitely I would chose a wireless Headset.  Freedom to utilize both hands, freedom of movement.  Ability to multi-task or switch tasking.  Just much more comfortable all the way around.
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Ronda Tappan, Champion

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My techs are on the phone A LOT. They have headsets too for their phones. So after buying a phone and a headset, I've spent nearly $400 for both!  Moving forward, it will be an option for the user one or the other.... thanks for your feedback
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If you have very tight control of what applications run on a user's computer and you standardize headsets for ease of troubleshooting then soft phone with headset is easier as they currently have no call control function to allow the soft phone to control a hard phone.  If your environment is not locked down and you have PC's that are a little long in the tooth then a hard phone provides a more stable platform to ensure QOS and over all call quality.  We are looking to utilize hard pones as we do not tightly control what our users are allowed to put on use on their PC.  I.E. spotify, youtube, facebook etc.
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Diane Nelligan

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Great question, and timely too!  We about to implement in our small office and we are struggling with the same question.  

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Diane,  perfect timing.  I try and push people but law firms tend to lean on phones.  Sales people tend to lean on headsets.. I am a tweener.  At home office I use my headset (use my AirPods) and at the office a phone.  However, tired of the phone on my deck and hate wearing a headset... but my AirPods have really been a game changer for me personally.  Maybe a survey and cost analysis internally would help in your case?  Give one option to each user?  
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I think it depends on how much they are going to be on the phone, like B. McKool said. We use both. For regular users that need a phone at their desk and don't take a lot of calls, we use desktop phones. Our agents making calls from our CRM, they are using RingCentral Phone to click to dial using USB headsets. The call quality is going to depend on taking the time to follow the guidelines in the network requirements document. https://success.ringcentral.com/articles/RC_Knowledge_Article/9233 . We also have mobile users using the RingCentral app on their cell phones. From a cost side of course it would be much more inexpensive to use the App or RingCentral phone with a digital line and not have the cost of the physical phone. 
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We use both my wife is old school and like the phones with a wireless headset plantronics and I use my Mac with the desktop app and AirPods works great!
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Jamie I was just talking about the AirPods.  They are a game changer!
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my boss tried to push JUST having the app on their phone for a lot of people at my company and they have pushed very hard back.

As the network admin I have all 3 (softphone on my laptop, cellphone app, and a yeahlink deskphone) I use mostly the deskphone and the cellphone app.

making everyone use the cell phone app makes it more difficult to do other things on a cell phone if you are only allowed to use the cellphone app (because you dont have a deskphone to use)

i say let the user decide which one they want and give that option to use.

also deskphones are way easier to deal with. they don't f*ck up as much as computer headsets do.  which means 1 less headache for me.