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Purge?  Why is the purge button so easily accessible and why does it DELETE EVERYTHING even when only one call record was selected?  The RC support rep was very helpful in assisting me to restore my call history, however, only a short portion could be restored.  This is a problem for my business because we provide services on long-term agreements up to 5 years.  So, my next question was "how can this be prevented?".  The answer; "it can't" if the user accessing the data has admin access.  I feel that data deletion should be an isolated permission that is not tied to any other permission category and protected by a special PIN.  If that is not quickly made into a feature, my first suggestion would be to remove the purge option from that page and/or disable the automatic "select all" inclusion that is applied even if only one record was selected.  In fact, any deletion of data from the entire database should be PIN protected because the permission granting function is too broad.  Additionally, the account owner should get a notification when anything is deleted and a backup of data should always be held in the event of dishonest activity -let alone accidents that could easily be prevented. 
Here is a scenario that would be valuable to any owner that runs a business that relies on TOS or contract based services:  Say I get a call from a client that claims they want to cancel their account because they have called several times and their rep has not responded.  Say in this instance our agreement with the client allows them to terminate without fee if they receive no response within a pre-determined time period.  The client insists that they called but when i look at the call logs, there is no proof or indication that they called.  I would make an apology to the client and let them know that I would look into it and get back to them.  My next step would be to have a conversation with my rep that handled the clients' account.  My rep would say that "no, that client never called"  Had I the ability to access a database that was "un-deleteable" I would be able to identify the problem and prevent it from happening again.  The same need could be supported with preventing the ability to permanently delete call recordings.  There have been times that being able to pull a call has saved us from a lawsuit. 
An example of this was somewhat opposite of the previous example in which the client claimed that my rep made promises that were not kept.  I pulled the call that the client was referencing and found that my rep had made no such promises and, in fact, she explained that the service was available but not included in their current agreement.  My rep went on to explain that we could add it but there would be additional cost.  The client declined and said they would think about it.  I was able to pull the call and send it over to the client for their review.  We could have been faced with a costly court experience had that call not been available.  However, now that this situation has occurred, it has made me realize a different scenario could have occurred that potentially would shift the liability back on me and my company. 
What if the client had called back another time and asked for the service to be added?  Say my rep told them it would be done but forgot to do it.  My rep, fearing job loss or commission loss, deleted the call to cover their mistake.  The consequence is obvious.  The point is, we consider  RC to be a premium service provider.  RC has plenty of competition that can do it cheaper but cant do it better... which is why we choose RC over the competition.  As an owner, I now feel vulnerable to deceit that I thought I was protected from. 
Data purging can reduce risk by removing sensitive customer information but, as illustrated in these examples, can increase risk by providing a false sense of security by thinking you have your bases covered when the bases can actually be pulled from the field without the owner even knowing it.  I strongly feel that data purging should be protected and permission should be isolated in a very special way that only the owner has access to
Thank you for taking the time to review my concerns and I sincerely hope that my suggestions are considered to be of high value.  I would be willing to pay more for this kind of safety and at the least would be compelled to remain loyal to your product as I am confident that many others would too.  
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  • very concerned and less confident in your service

Posted 2 years ago

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Long post but 100% agree.  
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I agree also. It has happened to us. I have managers that need full call log access to search for called or call in numbers across their agents. The only options I have are to give them full call log access or make them search 20 users logs individually. (I tried individual logs and it did not go over well) We have already had our call logs deleted twice and I am always nervous that it will happen again. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Change "Purge" button to "Delete" and color to red..

Dear Ring Central,

Please change the "Purge" button to "Delete all" and color the box in RED. When the button is next to the download button the assumption is made and mistakenly thinking download all and in fact it erases all. The word Purge sounds great but confuses the general public. I request that Ring Central make these necessary changes. I called Ring Central to recover this call log and the guy tried to BS me. The owner did this years ago and they fixed it, so if you accidentally did this then call Ring Central and tell them what you did and to reset it. You have to log off, so the changes will apply. I just got out call logs back. If you still need explanation please feel free to email me at johnparra@theperfectlimo.com or call 951-371-1733.



Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: how do i retrive the call logs i purged accidently ?.
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Good news everyone! We have listened and the Product Team is currently working on a redesign where the Purge button will be moved elsewhere in a drop down menu. We understand that the button accidentally gets clicked more often than it should and we want to avoid that 
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Hello Saadet,
Appears these purge actions are not reported in the Audit Trail.
Able to make that happen?

Thank you much.
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I'm personally not able, since I'm not the programmer :P

However, I will pass along the feedback to the individual who is! :)