Question: I cannot be the only one this frustrated and confused.

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The owner of my company has requested that I look into which one should we use, RingCentral (current phone provider) or Microsoft Teams which integrates somewhat well with Office 365 and Dynamics etc., "I want my employees to answer the phone in one click" is what he says. I have found this to be a very daunting task. I have looked into can this be achieved by any ONE of the RingCentral products - here lets list them: RingCentral Desktop Phone, Desktop App Glip, Beta Desktop App Glip, Beta Chrome App, Meeting App, IOS and Android Phone App, Phone Glip App, Meeting App and a whole mess of integrations (Saleforce, Dynamics etc.).  If any of you have looked at these lately know that not one talks well with the other, and not one has all the combined features of the other. You can have the Desktop Phone showing you are available, while the Desktop App Glip app shows you In a meeting. How do we as Admins achieve this type of request? I cannot be the only one seeing all the feature request and no new features in a timely manner. If you have a Small Business person that can help with this please have them contact me.

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Ronald Covington

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  • Confused and Frustrated

Posted 3 months ago

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You can set up a shortcut key to be able to take a phone call with just hitting the enter key!
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YNK - thanks for the reply, I do already know this is possible using the RingCentral Desktop Phone, but is this not being replaced by the App (Glip), and the desktop will eventually go away. So how do I do this in the future app.  And now, the beta app, which does not have all the current features of the current App.  We use Dynamics 365 as our CRM and it only integrates with the Desktop phone - need it to integrate with the App. You have to have multiple pieces of software installed to achieve full functionality which is what we are trying to get away from.
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@ronald, I feel your frustration with what seems to an executive to be a simple question, that has no equally simple answer.  
First, I'd encourage you by reminding you, "If it was easy, they wouldn't need us" <smile> 

But to address the issue:  my company looked at both Teams and RC.  My view is that Teams is just MS putting a wrapper around Sharepoint to get people to try to love it, and they glued parts of Skype and SkypeForBusiness (2 different things) onto the edges like kids macaroni pictures.  It's not easy to love unless you're the parent.

From an integration standpoint, nobody on the MSTeams dev team want to make it easy for anyone else (especially RC) to snap in and replace "native" MS functions. That said, there are integrations to help bridge the gap, and RC does have a really broad API and active developer network.

It sounds like the basic "answer in one click" is complicated because of some requirement(s) for Salesforce or Dynamics or other software your organization is using.  Do you have a call center type environment or more of a general business type case?    Willing to try to help you sort this out if we can, in this kind of conversation :)

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Hello Ronald, can you write to or share your email here.

I'm a Product Manager at RingCentral responsible for these Integrations. I can also speak about our Microsoft Integrations & how RingCentral compares to Teams for your use-cases.
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Why cant I integrate Ringcentral into my Outlook in iOS ? I want to be able to dial numbers from my Outlook contacts like this:

So far the only way that I have been able to achieve this is utilizing the 365 plugin on my web browser through Chrome. But my preference is to use the Outlook app want to be able to dial numbers from my Outlook contacts.  

Ringcentral's marketing materials make it appear that the entire MS 365 suite is fully integrated but does not make it clear this is only for Windows operating systems until you dig deeper into the downloadable spec sheets. Our firm is entirely on MACs. The lack of iOS compatibility really limits the functionality of your products.
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The new Ringcentral App is not even close to being ready to replace the desktop RC Phone App. You cant even add contacts and basic features like calling and text are second class citizens in the app. Messaging is also better in MS Teams than in Ringcentral. That being said we chose ringcentral over teams due to more expansive calling features. Currently we are looking at using teams for internal messaging (potentially with RC Phone integration if they get it working better on the desktop app), and using RC Phone for external calling.
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You had me at " I cannot be the only one this frustrated and confused" ...