REALLY Like the new Google Client Upgrade!!!

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Just got the new Google App upgrade and am VERY impressed!!! Plus I can FINALLY use my CRM sidebar again with RC in it's own window. Once I re-authorized/logged in, set a few settings (callout on my desk), etc. It was just like the Desktop App. I added a few domains to the blacklist to keep the window at bay (and bay flip that part off - not sure yet), but overall - seems like a huge step in right direction. With as sluggish and buggy as the desktop app is - I may not use it on my Windows laptop any more...

Don't know if any Google App developers read this, but if you do - just a few initial thoughts...

* When I click Save - can the window jump back to the settings screen? Because...
* Often when I save a setting - I get the green confirmation popup - which covers the back button and I have to close it to reach the back arrow. Kinda tedious. Either move the confirmation to the bottom of the screen or have save auto back you out.
* Block block block - one of the most used features for me in the Desktop App is clicking 'block' when listening to a voicemail from a telemarketer. SO easy. But the block button isn't in the Chrome App view when listening to a voicemail. Same for the recents list - when I get a telemarket call, I often block the number in the Desktop App recents list with one click.
* There is something WEIRD with the font scaling - like it tries to adapt to the font size of the page vs the zoom of the window - which can cause the window to get HUGE on a site with large fonts. May be design intent - not a huge dela since I keep it minimized a lot.

As a heavy ChromeOS users this is a huge improvement (before I used the Desktop App on my side Windows laptop mainly due to lack of features in the Chrome App). Now the ONLY thing I think I can't do is the quick block.

Thanks for the great work and look forward to the next improvements!!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Jay Nichols

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All is fine except.....  why are my dates in European format?  12/4/2018 is Dec 4th in the US.  Couldn't find any way to format the date.
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Thanks for the feedback IT Xpress! I've shared your thoughts with our Google Team :)
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Thank you so much IT Xpress. Your feedback keeps us motivated and work hard on our products. We will look in to items you pointed out.  
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Jay Nichols

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Ok, now I have a problem.  The RC for Google is stuck inside my browser.  I would like to put it on my second screen and use it from there, but it's stuck inside one of my tabs.  This isn't going to work for me.
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Hi Jay,

Can you provide more details on this thread and see if Shelly's info helps you?
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There are 2 ways to use the App. The one you are using at the moment is the embedded version which is restricted to current browser tab. But if you open up a new blank browser tab and click on the R icon on the top, you will get the standalone version which works like a browser window. You can move it out of the browser window and put it on another screen.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ring Central for Google update.

This update had decreased my productivity. Having the dialer box stuck inside any Google Chrome page does not work for me or my employees. This "upgrade" has been more of a hindrance than enhancement. The best fix would be to not have the dialer box embedded into Chrome and have it as a separate window like it was before. 
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Please see Colin's comment above. I hope that helps!