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Insurance Sales and Tech Sales

A single button to text someone I'm in a call with my business card. Often times I'm speaking with new clients or existing clients that I'd like to send a copy of my business card to. It would be nice if while in a call with them I could click a single button and have a copy of my business card sent to them. It could be either an image file or even better pregenerated text with all of the business card details.

A typical use would be when I call a client making first contact with them and I secure another opportunity to speak with them, make an appointment (which also an option to send appointment details would be nice, but I usually do that with email), or just the go ahead to call them later I can click a single button while saying "and I'm going to shoot you a text with all of my detail" and before the call is over they have my business card details.

The benefit of such feature would be the quick delivery of my information with first contact calls and a demonstration of capability as their phone will buzz/ring with the information before I've even ended the call. 

I currently only have myself as a user, but I am in the process of hiring a driver (who would need a line) and a receptionist.
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