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It seems that clients are now being charged to add mobile users. That is to add additional extensions that can receive phone calls. This is after we were repeatedly told that there was no additional charges to add these. Feels like bait and switch, since true pricing is withheld until after the purchase. Why?? Simultaneously, new users are getting FREE phones offered to them. Why??  Really bad for customer relations, customer retention, and public relations
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Posted 11 months ago

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Jan Ferguson, Channel Partner, Champion

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DISCLAIMER - I am NOT a RingCentral employee! I've been a RingCentral customer for a long while and have received and understood the information I am providing below.

Customers are not being charged to simply add extensions that can receive calls. There is more to it than that. In a nutshell, many were using the mobile app or desktop app with that "added extension" to bypass purchasing a user license. With it they could log on the mobile app using the account's main number + their extension number to make and receive calls. It certainly is not bait and switch. RingCentral's prices are plainly listed on their web site and/or if you are paying on a contract, it was spelled out in the terms there.

If you are a business with 100 employees and all the employees use a phone in their job to make and/or receive call, either via a desk phone, or computer app (mobile or desktop) you would need to purchase an account with a incoming/outgoing line for those 100 users...namely 100 digital, direct dial lines (DDL's) capable of making/receiving those calls. You cannot purchase a single user license and then create 99 free extensions and then use the main number with those extension numbers and a computer app (mobile or desktop) to bypass the system.

Just like your home phone, if you want two people in the household the ability to be able to make two separate phone calls at the same time, your POTS phone company will charge you monthly for two lines. Straight bait and switch. Why should RingCentral be any different as a phone service provider?

The way the technology works in the mobile and desktop apps seems to suggest there is no way to prohibit the activity I mentioned in the previous paragraphs (using a free extension to bypass purchasing a user line).

The FREE phones offered to new accounts is a sales perk. Not all users get them (there are always restrictions to the length of the contract, the number of lines, the product edition purchased, etc.).

This has been widely discussed in the forums but much misinformation and supposition abound. Did you inquire about this with your account manager or RingCentral sales before posting?
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Evelyn Santiago

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I just got my July billing and had another $49.99 charge for "mobil user".  Mind you I forward my calls to my cell phone so if I am out of the office I can get the call on my mobil phone.  I am beyond furious about this.  I am cancelling my Ring Central account which I have had for almost 10 years!  Because I have been procrastinating my desk phone no longer rings - I basically have a high end answering machine where I can get faxes on ocassion from people that still do that.   Called customer service to find out what this was and tried to escalate to my "account manager" or supervisor and everyone was "at lunch".  What a crock of BS!  I might as well have a regular Comcast Business line.  
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Hi Evelyn,

Really sorry for this frustration. I've followed up with your Account Manager and asked that they contact you as soon as they are available. 
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Evelyn Santiago

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Have already done that.  Will be waiting for them to come back from "lunch".   I already had one issue with Ring Central where some agent upgraded my account without me noticing and I was being charged for another line.  Did they reimburse me for the months they did that?  No!  I am through!  I am just trying to find their cancellation policy and can't find it.  How much notice do I have to give....I recall 30 days but can't find anything on my searches on the support page.  What the.....I am beyond livid...thieves come in all sorts of disguises....
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Hi Evelyn, you can call our Customer Loyalty Team at 888-898-4591, Option 5 - they can go over your account details and options with you. Again, I'm really sorry about this.
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Eryn Phipps

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Jan Ferguson, 
You are listed as a "channel partner." Does this mean you are a channel partner with Ring Central? Either, you are: 1) A channel partner ("A company that partners with a manufacturer or producer to market and sell the manufacturer's products, services, or technologies") or 2) You're unfamiliar with the term "bait and switch." Let me provide you with an example from Merriam-Webster: "A sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one." We are a small start-up and researched potential VOIPs extensively before choosing one. We chose Ring Central over 8x8 (at that time) because we were informed by our rep that there would only need to pay for 1 line, and that there would be "no charge" for staff using their mobile phones. We were then told, as was everyone else (AFTER we purchased and started using the system); that, in order to use the same basic call features, we would HAVE to pay $54.99 per month if staff were going to "use" their extensions to make or place calls.  I have some staff who literally work 5 hours/week. I'd be "losing money" by paying $54.99/month per part-time staff member. We provide in-home services are not a high phone use company. Why in the world would I pay that, when I can literally buy cell phones for everyone for less? Ring Central said they raised the price because soft phone users can now access all of the features (i.e., new, "fancy" features) of a regular line. That's nice, but I didn't "ask" for the new features. We just need a BASIC phone system. I find it ironic that Ring Central is now charging me extra for features THEY decided to spend R&D $ on, that I didn't ask for, and don't need; however, I'm now being required to pay for those added features and not being given the option to "opt out" of the "added features" we don't need. So, we were told and sold one thing, and later told we'd have to pay 100% more per extension to use it. That IS the epitome of bait and switch. If anyone else has found a reasonably priced HIPAA-compliant VOIP to replace Ring Central, please share this information with us - because we're currently looking for one. Thank you!       
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Heather Matera

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We had ring central about 10 years ago for a period of about 4 years for a business we owned at the time and had it set up this way.  A couple of years ago we got 2 accounts for 2 businesses we currently own and were assured by the "chat" on the home page that setting it up this way was fine. And on several occasions our account manager helped us set these up.  Its hard to see it as anything other than a money grab by the company.

"Why should ring central be any different?"  We got ring central because we thought it was different.  If its not any different, why should we be using it? 
Instead of being happy ringcentral customers who encourage other small business owners to use it, we are now going to be looking at options to see if we can find a more affordable solution.
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Hi Heather,

I've escalated this to your Account Manager. You should be hearing from them soon!
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Chris Duquette, Champion

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I had tech support help me out with call flow issues with a call queue which did not have the flexibility my customer needed build me an extension that had all real users of the account (paid premium users) in it to handle call flow and set hours and overflow better. This was brought up and built by a ringcentral partner tech support agent. After being contacted by another customer and they have the same setup and now a billing issue which i had to have set straight by my account manager. This seems like RingCentral should be able to tell if calls are being directed away from or to unpaid freeloading extensions or to true paid user extensions.
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Hey Chris, really sorry this happened :( Could you email me the details of the Accounts involved and who you spoke with? My email is: 
You are wrong my friend!! After more than 10 years of being ringcentral customer we were charged 250 bucks for "Mobile User" which is ridiculous as we dont know what is it, When we contracted (more than 10 years ago) that was offered as a "follow me", "find me" and a free app. It looks like all these  service names have changed the name, the name RC called them and suddenly want to charge us 250 bucks for a "service" that we did not know it even exists!!!  I will dispute it tomorrow or close the account. We have only one ringcentral softphone or software downloaded in only one pc to send faxes out, one RC phone device where we receive incoming calls, however, they charged us three mobile users without any advice!!...Steal somewhere else
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Good luck, we were able to stay with Ring Central but had to revamp our whole set up because as a telephone answering service we get 13,000 calls a month