Report Analytics KPI Answer Statistics For An Extension Against a Call Queue

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Unless you go into the detailed view of the call log and then work through the dense details there is no way of identifying which extensions are picking up calls in a queue. This is a fundamental KPI need for our company we need to know who is taking most calls, the number of seconds/rings before the phone is answered etc. 

By management identify the efficiency of call pick up, those that take most calls, etc. Key call answering KPI

Like all KPI's give management tools to run the company better and meeting customer satisfaction

Account Type: UK
Business Type: Domiciliary Care
Users: Nine
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  • How can this be missing!!!

Posted 2 years ago

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  1. Account type: Office Premium 20 - 99 line 
  2. A brief description of the business : not discussed
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: For data on all 3 tabs (call queue, Users and Calls) to match, and for the filters to provide contexts that are easy to understand, because no matter how accurate the info is, if it's difficult to understand why the data is different on each tab, it will appear as if it doesn't work/it will be unusable for the customer and defeat it's purpose as a better solution from Call Logs. 
For Example, I have 199 calls in the Calls tab,, 400+ calls in Users, and 700+ calls in Call Queue. I had to check the actual samples in Call Log to identify why each tab had more or lesser number of calls and seemingly didn't match. 
  1. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: Customer would pull up Analytics, click on a report she created and have a summary of the calls received, calls that went to voicemail, that adds up, no matter which tab is selected (call queue, users, and calls), with a more detailed explanation underneath to provide some context and make the difference in data easier to understand. 
  2. Benefit of such feature: ease of use
  3. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines: 64 users / 42 lines
  4. case number: 08334178

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Generally, upper management would like to see a simple graph with the numbers and kpi descriptions showing.  For a manager to receive automated emails with a report that has three tabs, all with different information, does not give confidence that any of the data is reliable.  For example:  I want to know how many calls are not answered by our dispatchers compared to how many are.  Our dispatchers are in a call queue.  We don't need to know the number of extensions that didn't pick up the call, just the number of calls actually answered by the dispatcher at that extension, how many did the dispatcher reject, not answer, went to voicemail or were on hold for an excessive time frame.  Also, the reports don't provide the handy graph shown online.