Report that lists Caller ID numbers for all users

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US Based Customer with ~ 300 Users across 25 sites

We need a report that will list all of the users, extensions and all of the Caller IDs configured for that user.

This will allow us to check that each user is properly set up to either use their DID or the individual sites mainline and not the main company number. 

We have asked our representative and they said it wasn't available with their tools either.

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Posted 1 year ago

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This can be done with the API.  You will need to find someone with some basic coding experience (or learn yourself), but here is the API call:

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That sounds like it would be very useful. A similar report with the e911 address for each extension would be helpful as well.
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Ideally, there would be a base report that has basic information and then check boxes for the additional fields to be included like the Caller ID, Audioconference codes, hold music, Notification settings, etc.
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Yes, that would be really useful.  And even better to export and import the data via CSV.  We can dream..


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I agree with Jeff and Bill that we need more reports to validate settings are applied consistently.  It's tedious to manually go through looking for issues.  Stuff I would want:
  • Users who's outbound caller ID doesn't match their assigned call queue
  • Call queue phone numbers that don't get any calls within a date range
  • Users who's account email doesn't match their Outbound Calls\Faxes -- Faxes Sent via Email permission
  • User accounts with more than one phone number (on their phone and direct line)
  • User accounts with multiple phones
  • User phones whose 911 address don't match their call queue address
  • User accounts whose cost center does not match the cost center of that call queue they are assigned

To Brandon's point, you can do a lot with the API.  But you do need programming skills and many small IT groups don't have that or don't have the time. We had an intern this summer who was in his second year on a computer programming degree.  I had him write a routine to go through all our call queue phone numbers to find ones that don't receive calls--so we can drop them and save money.  It took him 9 business days to get it completed.  When we moved to RingCentral, management had all the phone numbers ported over; so we have 80+ of them across 16 locations.  Being able to drop 10 at 4.99+tax per month is meaningful money.
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