Ring Mobile App and Desk Phone Simultaneously

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I would like to be able to set extensions to ring the mobile app and the desk phone simultaneously. According to your support people, I am unable to do that as it stands now.
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Ben Bonkoski

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Posted 2 years ago

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Chris Duquette, Champion

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turn on the mobile app and desktop app tab in call handling under your extension and install the mobile app on your phone. Set the forwarding to 0 seconds. that should cover all ringing. 
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Ben Bonkoski

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But if smart phone (and desk phone) is set to ring for "0" seconds, that means the smart phone will not ring?
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Brandon, Champion

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No, it should mean 0 seconds until it starts ringing your desk phone too. 
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Michael Arndt

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That's kind of a strange way to set it up. Why wouldn't they treat the mobile app as just another phone device?
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Will Fink

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Wow, that does explain a lot of the issues my users have been having (and I agree, makes no sense whatsoever).  The web interface should have a bit more verbiage to make that behavior clear - since it is the opposite of the way I have ever seen a VoiP phone configuration handle this situation.
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That should not be a problem.  Under Call Handling & Forwarding just set your desktop and smartphone app to 0 seconds and enable your desk phone below it.
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The big problem with setting the app to 0 seconds which bit us really bad is if the deskphone is off for any reason (we had extended power outage), the app will do one quick ring and not let you pick up the call!

This whole setup is infuriating as it seems impossible to have it setup properly and robustly for desk or app usage.

You can't reorder the app and deskphone so the deskphone rings first which is the most obvious order, instead the app is hard coded to ring first???

You have a simultaneous ring option that doesn't work with app / deskphone, if it did I could set both to 4 rings or whatever then if deskphone is down app still rings 4 times...

Instead you have this workaround of 0 rings for app that actually doesn't mean 0 rings, it means ring the same as desk phone unless desk phone is off then ring once but impossible to pickup...

I know there is another huge thread on reorder app and desk phone, this wholes situation is almost laughable at this point.
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Chris Duquette, Champion

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yeah the only option is logging in through your mobile app and turning it on or off depending on where you're headed. I have a law office that I had to convince them to turn on the mobile app when leaving the office and turning it back off when at the office just to avoid the randomness of the ring problem between the mobile app and desksets.
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Randy Edler

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I would agree with this thread. There is no reason that you should be able to choose simultaneous ring and not be able to have it ring all devices listed simultaneously. It nullifies the point of choosing that option if it will always trump ringing to your desktop/mobile app first. Is there an idea put in for this to be an enhancement?
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Hey Randy, you can make all devices ring simultaneously. It may seem confusing, but setting the mobile app to 0 is correct 
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Sean McGechie

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I have my iPhone with me on my desk when I work and I don't want to turn off its ringer volume down or off as I want to hear when I get a call to my private number that is not coming through the  RingCentral iPhone app. 

I also don't want my iPhone (app) to ring separately during another call that I am having through my RingCentral desktop application or my Polycom phone set.  Because it is loud and disrupting conversations already in progress through another RingCentral device.

This is the sequence for RingCentral call handling that I am looking for:
1. Ring through to the PC Desktop App
2. Ring through to the Polycom Phone Set on my desk
3. Ring through to my iPhone App

How can I make this happen?
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Jenn, Official Rep

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Hello Sean! 

I understand what you need to do however, you can’t separate the ring for the Desktop App and Mobile. 

If in any case that we do have an update to this feature, we will make sure that we will update this thread!


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Anita Aguilar

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I am having the same issue and am now just to the point I'm deleting the app on my phone. I am on a call on my desktop app, but get calls on my cell while I'm on the desktop app. Drives me nuts. 
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David Robbie

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Just want to add support to getting a development request for the desktop app to answer first then the mobile app if you dont answer after so many rings.. its similar to follow-me in other systems, it is a real pain in the ass both ringing a the same time .