RingCentral Chat on 01/24/2024 - Faxes auto delete feature - Update improvements with "R" App - Recommended Business Friendly Features

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RingCentral Chat on 01/24/2024
- Faxes auto delete feature
- Update improvements with "R" App
- Recommended Business Friendly Features 

Recently I had a long chat, almost an hour with RingCentral team 
member (SEE TRANSCRIPT BELOW) and whom was quite patient and helpful. 

The RingCentral member thanked me for being on the Remote Desktop/Call for an 
hour -  and my thoughts at the time was that a Company such as RingCentral, a great Company as they are, should be open to features that continues to make them great compared to the competition.  The RC member definitely reflected this attitude.  

Over this hour I expressed several concerns with the features inside RingCentral 
Apps and RingCentral Admin portal. 

The good thing, RingCentral stated these concerns would be reviewed by a higher department, so I am posting the chat here as well to give notice to the RingCentral community that wish for the same features. 

Some of the main confusions and challenges occur with the following:
1. RingCentral only stores 200 faxes where as other fax softwares store unlimited by email
problem if you need access to the previous faxes or show proof of the documents were sent or received. 

2. I just found out that the RingCentral Phone App is Obsolete and the RingCentral "R" Icon App is now taking its place for ALL features. 
- Would have been good to know before creating multiple support tickets and expiring precious time.  

Well you can review the RC Chat below, as it is not grammatically correct, I think you can get the general context of the conversation with Ring Central on 01/24/2020. 

Hope RingCentral makes this a great year of experience with Faxes, Calls, and the other features they provide. 


Chat Log

13:32:09 From JoshXXXX : 
Call History from RingCentral Phone app
does not match R Icon App. 

Can Call initiator disconnect after 20 minutes
and the other callers on the meeting stay on the line?

3. Faxes were missing in 
- RingCentral Phone App History
- Need to confirm all Faxes with attached documents are 
listed in the new R Icon App.

4.  Recommendation 
name R Icon name something recognizable, ie. Logo with destinct Name

5. If  RingCentral phone app ie add (+) call, does not have all the functions 
why is it still available. 

- This cost me a lot of time with Support Tickets etc and did not know to uses the 
R ICon App,  other Agents did not identify this either in the tickets nor on calls 
with customer support.

13:46:29 From JoshXXXX : Fax History Problem:

My concern as a business owner:

1. If I am an attorney or health provider and the faxes are not 
stored beyond 200 then that be a problem. 

2.  I should have access to the documents once sent by Fax. I have had MyFax and HelloFax in the past and they saved all my sent and received documents. RingCentral is not showing these.

3.  Requesting Escalation for these features.

13:51:11 From JoshXXXX : 
14:04:23 From JoshXXXX : 

History Feature of 

1. Phone Calls
store 12 months

2.  Recordings
200 limit

3. Voicemail 
200 limit

1.  Cannot “View All” , it is necessary to click next through multiple pages. 

Is there an easy way to access these that are older? 

After 200 calls are these deleted as well? 
Initially was told yes.

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