RingCentral desktop app needs ability to save contacts.

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We need the ability to save contacts of those outside our company. Currently we aren't able to save a name to someone we are texting or calling if they are outside of our organization.
The RC Phone desktop app and the mobile apps have this feature so why doesn't the "New and better" RingCentral desktop app have it?
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Posted 8 months ago

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Yeah. This will likely be merged with other threads, but I've read it's been a request for a long time. We bought into RingCentral six months ago without realizing we couldn't manage/save contract with the RC Desktop app and boy is our team annoyed because of it.

I do believe it's slated to be implemented soon, but as the previous poster showed, clients have been hearing it for a while.
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The older desktop software provides far better functionality. We can't even think about using the new desktop software until it allows us to manage/save contacts and use the Main Company number for SMS.
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Yes please! This would really help me keep track of the conversations with customers and employees and make it easier to use.
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It will help us to have this feature added to the desktop "R" app. My agents have to use the two apps in order to save the contacts... totally an inconvenience when they get an incoming call. 
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Totally "yesterday" stuff to not have this implemented.  We're in an Outlook world and why on earth would you want to have two apps when they should be integrated.  of course Outlook is used for scheduling meetings, but not for contacts.  It should update and sync too.

The weirder part is that the WEB application lets me receive from my phone application if I add them one at at time form the phone.  Then they appear on the web application.  The desktop (EXE program) application has NO CONTACT LINKS at all.  Totally yesterday in terms of implementation.  They need to catch up here.
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I just talked with customer service and, yes, they confirmed that there is no way to add contacts from the Desktop App. I doubt we would have switched to them from a competitor if we had known this information. Didn't even think to ask because it's such an archaic issue. Customer service said we  had to go onto this forum and vote to try to get it in. Very unsatisfied with this response.
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The Best answer that I have found is this.  RingCentral Phone is a desktop App and a Cell-Phone App.  Get that installed.  On the Phone app, you can click on CONTACTS and then store to the RingCentral Cloud with one click per number.  I think they need a way to send ALL to the RingCentral cloud, I did mine one contact at a time.

When that was done, I now have the contacts across the PC RingCentral Phone and Cell-Phone apps.  It is a start.

I am a software developer (a good one) and the folks at RingCentral should be consolidating these applications.  RingCentral is more or less an internal company portal only.  The provisioning people at RingCentral should have everyone install the RingCentral Phone App to the desktop and their cell phones.

I see a need to integrate the Phone App and to also give us a direct link to the web administration if we are Super Users / Admins so that even that s integrated.  Right now, the RingCentral Phone App should be a MUST HAVE install.  A check-box in the options could toggle the option on / off for different users.  They need to integrate this.

The Contacts list is clearly in the RingCentral Phone App.  They just need another tab in RingCentral, maybe call it Cloud Contacts or similar ad then you have it all.  So simple really, it is a design thing and I am seeing it in the Phone App so that means it is written and working, but not integrated.

Priority ONE for users, get the RingCentral Phone App.

Priority TWO for users, get your cell phone contacts in RingCentral Phone to the Cloud

Three... RingCentral programmers... Integrate the Apps.
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To me this is not back-end alone.  We "see" contacts with our eyes, it is not a workflow check-box thing.  The visual contacts are there for me to see in the RC-Pone App and that is better than nothing for now.  I do not need internal call routing and an internal directory here.  My hundreds of contact number matter and at least I get something out of that RC Phone App.

Glip.. What a crazy thig to have ONLY Company and Teams on there.  The third visual UI thing should be the Cloud Contacts.  The part about "Invite People" is bad for me, I already know these people.  Sure it could help to improve on the e-mail and phone numbers as of today, but in reality, I have it 99% correct now and can't see it with my eyes.  

Glip has Invite People and New, but no import of even a CSV.  I am NOT giving Google access to my contacts, not even over my dead body will I ever do that.

They have the cloud part, just bring it in.
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The madness continues in the main setup on the web:

This is my imported contacts as noted above.  Notice that there is no column for CELL NUMBER.  Not so modern at all?

At least my cloud upload contacts are there.

But look at where you are, you are in RingCentral web and not Glip and theses contacts are not available in Glip nor the main RingCentral desktop application.  Because there is no Personal or Cloud contacts place in those programs.  Half-baked.

Under CONTACTS, The PERSONAL link on the left is critical to this showing up in this link, but not happening in Glip or the Desktop version of Ring Central.  Maddening!
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Hi Everyone,

This feature is already on the roadmap and will soon be available in Q3 under the New RingCentral App Beta. We have coordinated this to our Product Team and we will let you know once there's an update. Thank you!
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I just wasted another 20 minutes with a link sending me to what I think is version 20.2 ?  
The interface has improved, but still NO Contacts.

*** Please stop prompting me to TRY the NEW RCAPP until it has contacts.  It is totally worthless to until it has contacts ***  What is so hard for Devs to understand that?  I will check back in September and maybe they will "get it".   Hopefully before all the users migrate to Skype Business or anything else that has the ability to save contacts without inviting someone.  
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Please get this issue fixed. Toggling between two desktop apps is an insane solution. 
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Yes, please fix this. The unified app is confusing in this regard.  It provides a way to "invite" guests from Google or Office 365 contacts?  What does it mean to invite an external user as a guest?  Will it generate an email invitation to the user? What does the invited user do when they get the invite?  All I want to do is add external contacts so I can call, or text, or fax them from the unified app without manually entering their numbers. I downloaded the RC Phone app, and it works much more intuitively than the unified RC Desktop app. I easily added contacts from my Google and Outlook contacts to the RC Phone app (desktop). And, while I'm on this rant, why does the unified app not have the Conferencing feature like the RC mobile app and the RC Phone app for desktop?
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Meanwhile, they're touting RC/Glip as the replacement for Phone, and it still doesn't do everything. I was hoping the new version they've been teasing would be better, but it really seems to just be a facelift, and really no quality of life improvements at all. In fact, they've taken away features, like team folders.

What is their dev team up to?