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RingCentral for Google provides seamless integration between your Google Account and RingCentral Services 

Download: RingCentral for Google
User Guide
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Posted 5 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled google calendar with RC meetings.

Would it be great that we can schedule a meeting directly in google calendar and there would be a button for RIng central meetings. and the link for that meeting would show up in the "Where" Just like with go to meetings. 
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On page 31 where it shows the google calendar event created using Ringcentral Conference, notice that at the same time it creates a Video Call. This video call is actually a Google Hangouts video call. A problem can occur if you log onto the audio conference using the dialup information. By doing this, if you are the host, you are not creating a bridge between Google hangouts and Ringcentral conferencing. Therefore, any participants joining your conference call by clicking on the Video Call link will not be able to actually participate in the Ringcentral Audio conference.

There are two ways around this.

1. Before sending out the calendar event you can remove the Video Call link.
2. When you want to join your conference as a host, you can join using Google Hangouts. Doing so will enable you to then join the audio conference inside Google Hangouts which in effect creates a "Bridge" between Google Hangouts and Ringcentral Conferencing.
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Does anyone have newer instruction for the Ringcentral Google app? Here are questions I have: 

1) Under calling setting there are four choices: Browser, My RingCentral Phone, other phone, & custom phone. Can anyone explain the differences?

2) If you select My Ringcentral Phone, what does "Prompt me to dial 1 before connecting the call" mean?  

3) I can select to turn on & off "Desktop notifications" & "Click to dial" What do the feature mean?

4) I am trying it call out on the Google app on my pc, but I do not hear it ring. I tried call my cell phone. It rings on my cell phone, I pick up the call on my cell phone and then Ringcental app pops up on my PC. How can I get the Google app to work like the Ringcentral app?

5) Does the Google app allow you to answer call also?     

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Most of the questions/information is self-explanatory. But here are some answers to your questions:

1) Browser: Your browser/computer will use the computer's microphone and speaker to interact on the call.
    My RingCentral Phone: If you have a RingCentral deskphone, your phone calls will come in on that instead of your browser or other phones.
    Other Phone: Most times this is your cell phone or other phone you have listed for your extension. It will give you the phone number if you choose this selection.
    Custom Phone: You can select a phone number (maybe a home phone) to make/receive calls on instead of any of the above.

2) Just what it says! When you dial out via the Google extension your RingCentral phone will ring and when you pick it up it will prompt you to dial "1" to connect to the phone call.

3) You will either be able to receive desktop notifications in Chrome (or not) and you will either be able to (or not) click on a number in a browser window to call that number.

4) The Google extension works nearly identical to the Windows Desktop app. If you are trying to call your cell phone and your cell phone is also a forwarding number, the Windows application will also pop up. Trying calling a different number not in your forwarding.

5) Yes. Have you tried it yet?
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I incorrectly stated on question #1/My RingCentral Phone that the phone calls will come in on that. I meant to say that the phone calls will GO OUT on your RingCentral phone. That is directly connected to question #2 regarding the prompt to dial "1".

Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.
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Did my explanation above help you out in your understanding of those terms? If you have any further questions, please post them here.
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Jan, yes your explanation was helpful. Thank you for your input.

Maybe you can answer another question. My PC has both the RingCentral app for Windows and now the RingCentral app for Google. The RingCentral app for Google lets me make outgoing calls, but the app does not allow me to answer incoming calls, check messages, send or receive faxes, or send text messages. Is there away to have the RingCentral app for Google work like the RingCentral app for Windows?         
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You can do everyone of those things with the RingCentral Google extension, with the exception of answering calls. To be clear, it is a Google extension and not a separate app.

When a call is incoming, the Google extension will advise you of the call and show the status of the call. However, it still needs to be answered by the phone.

You can view all your Voice, Fax and Text messages on the Messages screen. This screen is designed to display all the messages that you have received for the past week. Messages are organized in tabs. The All tab displays all your messages including voice, fax and text combined. You can select a specific tab to view the list of messages of that type.

New Message Indicator:
When you receive a new voice, fax or text message, RingCentral for Google shows a new message indicator with a number in a red field. The number indicates the total number of messages that are new messages.

Use the links on top (All, Voice, Fax, Text) to view certain messages.

New SMS/Text:
The New SMS screen allows you to send a text message to your Google contacts, your company colleagues, your personal contacts, or any other phone number. The screen allows you to select more than one contact or phone number in case you want the same message to be sent to multiple recipients.
As you start typing in the “To” field, RingCentral for Google will search across your RingCentral Corporate Directory, RingCentral Personal Contacts, and your Google Contacts to try to find a match.
After the message is sent, you will see the Conversation Screen. See the Message Conversation section for more details.

Lance...Very simply, it will not hurt you to "play around" with the control, or even just position your cursor over the controls on the top and left side to see what a control does. It allows you to send a new fax, send a new text, schedule a meeting, schedule an audio conference, use Google Hangouts, view your Call Log, and view/select your contacts.

It is as close to the Windows app as can be. Personally, I use it since I use Chrome instead of the Windows app. I have a phone on my desk and anything else I need to do (send a fax, send a text, read either a fax, or a text, listen to a voicemail, etc.) can be done from the Google extension.

If you don't have a phone on your desk, you really should use the Windows application. If you do have a phone, or use your cell phone with the RingCentral mobile app, you can do just as much, often times more, with the Google extension.

Play around with it. You won't hurt it.
The text messages in the RC  Google Chrome Extension does not seem to be refreshing or showing the text messages coming in, even after refreshing the browser. Luckily my text notifications come to me via email or else I would have missed responses if I relied on the RingCentral Google extension.
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Hey there, please contact our Support Team so we can look into what's going on.