RingCentral Meetings - global setting to allow guests to join before host

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We would like to request a feature to have the option to enable and set globally via RingCentral Service User portal for Ring Central Meetings for "Allow guest to join before host".

This would make it simpler to control and would not require to set this on individual meetings, it could be set for each user if needed.

1. Account type - US
2. Description of business - Healthcare related business
3. Description of request - Enabling "allow guests to join before host" to be set globally in RC User Service portal.
4. Use case - The users would have this option set as default for the RingCentral Meetings and can disable it for meetings they need to control guest access.
5. Benefit - simplify use of RingCentral Meetings
6. Number of users - 30
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Dima Tochilovsky

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Posted 2 years ago

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James Veal, Champion

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I agree this should be an option. We are moving away from a 800 person Zoom account to RC Meetings and need this option. 
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We are also looking for a way to globally enable this for our company.
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Garri Sarkisov

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We would love to have this option vs manually going through each account and setting it up.
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Orlando Davila

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I also agree this should be an option to enable globally, but also be able to enable it per user account as well.
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We would also like this feature for our 150 person global business.
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Josh Willis

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Agreed that this needs to be an option.  I have a new Ring Central deployment, but my users are defaulting to their Zoom accounts because we have this as an option with Zoom.
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Also agree this needs to be an option.
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Mike Rowe

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1. Account type - US
2. Description of business - Law Firm
6. Number of users - ~300-400

This would have solved a lot of issues for us, we're about 2 months out from initially deploying the phone system, we transitioned to using Meetings as our conferencing solution last week and we've come across a lot of inconsistencies with this meeting setting in particular that would be completely cleared up if it became an admin portal side setting.

The problem we're experiencing is that we were shown in the "Video" tab of Meetings the Join before host option, so when we were configuring this application across 300-400 workstations we opened the Meetings app, hit "Schedule" checked the box for this and closed out. This check box stays as checked when you go back in so we thought we were good.

What we didn't realize at the time is that this didn't "activate" the setting, it remains checked when you go into that section, but when you try to dial into the meeting it plays an announcement the host hasn't started the meeting yet. After some testing with a brand new extension we found that after you check those boxes you actually have to click "Schedule" again at the bottom of this window, after that you can close whatever extra window it opens up, delete the meeting that was created and the setting is now respected going forward as far as I can tell forever.

Support told us after I'd inquired about this that there is ANOTHER setting in the meetings app for this under the "Meetings" tab at the bottom, click "Edit" -> Advanced Settings -> Check "Enable join before host"

There's currently two settings for this in the same app that operate differently, the one provided by support under the "Meetings" tab has a "Save" button, and the one in the "Video" tab requires you to "schedule" the meeting for it to take. This would all be simplified if it was in one place in the app and would have caused our switch to go a lot smoother if we could flip a switch on the back end for settings like this.
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Bumping this as this would have helped greatly with our user base and some frustrations.
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Brian Persons

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I don't understand why this is not possible. RingCentral uses Zoom, and with Zoom, that feature is possible. Am I missing something?
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Andrew Riley

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I just opened a case with them. And they booted me here. A year old request. Man, what a drag.
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Its a default response for anything that isn't on the platform "open/comment/vote a post in community." Sorry Andrew, its the game we are forced to play.
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Samir Phillipson

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This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito. I thought this was already possible.
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Jerzy Rojek

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This needs to be a thing! Make it happen please 
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Greg Langham

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Another vote for this feature.
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James Newton

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We need this feature badly. Too many users don't pay enough attention to whether they've turned it on or not and it has created a lot of confusion.
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Joe Szeltner

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I agree, this feature would reduce confusion and our company would want the "Allow guest to join before Host" to be the default for all users.