RingCentral Meetings linux support

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Our company is heavily centered on software development, with employees across borders. RingCentral Meetings is one of the best screen sharing apps I've used in its simplicity & comprehensive feature set(sharing computer sound? awesome!)

Unfortunately, there isn't a linux client for participation. A lot of software developers use linux, and it seems like not supporting it is a huge oversight.

We'd easily have double the user count if it was supported.
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Posted 3 years ago

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+1 for Linux Support.  
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Holger Winkelmann

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How can it be if zoom has support, and RC is powered by zoom.... Was just about to book but this would break the deal.
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Damian Cinich

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Please we need official support for Linux. It would be just great. This shouldn't be an issue anymore.
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Lisa G.

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You all may be interested to know that, before Glip was acquired by RingCentral (~2 yrs ago?), Glip video chat worked flawlessly with Zoom on Linux. When RingCentral took over, many promises were made about all of the wonderful improvements coming to Glip. One of these "marvelous" improvements was that video chat suddenly stopped working, and was instead routed to a web page saying "your operating system is not supported."

This rendered my work computer suddenly unable to join our company meetings. I found that out by missing a meeting, of course. Incensed, I immediately contacted support about this... and was informed that RingCentral had deliberately disabled video chat in Linux simply because Zoom didn't have a branded version with a RingCentral logo. If Zoom would only add this, the agent reasoned (as if it were all their fault), then the system would use the branded Zoom and it would solve all my problems. I continued to bring this up to support, but it slowly became clear that they weren't going to do anything about it. I finally gave up and incurred major downtime migrating all of my data and development tools to a Mac. Now, roughly 2 years later, I am still waiting.

Be aware that, according to their own support agent, this was deliberate and not an accident. This is not some bug or new feature they need to figure out. All they need to do is stop disabling perfectly good technology for petty reasons.
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Wow,  can it  be true?  
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USA-based acct, 2287 Users, 3800 DID Lines, 28 sites


As you have made some assumptions here, I would like to point out that this is a licensing issue, not a technical issue. When vendor 1 ( let's call them Zoom) signs over usage rights to Vendor 2 (let's call them RC) there are specific terms that allow for use of the licensed core technology including what platforms are covered and how the product ( software code) may be used. A common term is "vendor 2 can only use the versions we have granted them use of, and they can use their logo on the versions we have licensed provided our vendor 1 logo or ID is also embedded" ......

It is entirely likely that Glip had also licensed Zoom's Linux platform version of the core code, but restrictions by Zoom on license transfer did not allow automatic assumption of that licensing once Glip was acquired by RingCentral.

So my take on this is don't jump to conclusions because the technology marriage between Glip and RingCentral is not as seamless as we all expected.

Porting the code to a standard usable format for the Glip technology to work reliably in the RingCentral ecosystem has been a massive task and clearly expectations vs. results have been a visible gap on many parts of Glip integration.

They are aware of it and working on it.

It would be great if the Glip engineering team would read and participate/engage in this Community so they could update us on status of all the painpoints customers are experiencing with Glip.

If you need Linux platform features for your RingCentral products, vote for this idea, and respond with details of your Use Case and Needs. Include your account details. Be a squeaky wheel with facts. They will take that info seriously.
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Lisa G.

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I've not made any assumptions, but simply relayed my experiences and what I was told by support. If this is in fact a licensing issue, then the agent should have conveyed that information instead. To me, it seems much more presumptive to avoid taking his words at face value, and instead extrapolate that he must have meant this other thing about licensing restrictions (which he did not mention) and then engage in further conjecture about what said licensing restrictions might have been in order to cause this problem.

That is, while your point about licensing is a useful one and may well be pertinent, it is not what I was told. I can only speak to the events and conversation for which I was present, and I believe that's what I have done in good faith above. Notice that all but the last three sentences are simply observational statements of events. The rest merely summarizes what I was told, and then draws the only logical conclusion based on what I was told. If anyone has inside information on this and can state as a point of fact that the support agent was misinformed, I would be interested to hear that information and learn the true nature of the problem.

It would indeed be a great improvement if the Glip team had a presence here. So often, we are hit with new breakage of features from another update they have pushed without forewarning users. But that is another topic for another day.

I think folks here have been doing a fine job of detailing their use cases and describing how the lack of Linux support is seriously hurting their businesses and/or hampering their work. They've been doing so for years, and frankly, it doesn't appear to have had much effect thus far. Nevertheless, I've added mine to the stack for consideration.
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Thank you for your feedback, Lisa. I totally understand your frustration.  

Following the acquisition, Glip switched to RingCentral Meetings for video. As you have pointed out, RingCentral Meetings doesn't support Linux yet. However, we are planning to add Linux support in 2H of 2018.  I don't have an exact date yet but Linux support is on the roadmap.

Would be great to know the number of users requiring Linux support in your enterprise -- knowing more information will help me prioritize our feature backlog. Thank you.
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Cecile Glassy, Champion

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Simon thanks so much for coming to respond to this topic - many of us are really anxious for the Linux support --- our organization is moving heavily into Chromebooks as well  but right now we are using Meetings via computers and mobile phones 

USA-based acct | 2887 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets 
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Jeremiah Small

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Thanks for the welcome news, Simon. I think that you might find the total number of Linux users proportionately low, but in many organizations, they are critical team members. Lack of Linux support is a blocker for full adoption of the platform, forcing anyone who needs to communicate with Linux users to fall back on other options, such as Google Hangouts, etc. This is frustrating, because it defeats the benefit of having SSO, etc.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Idea from Customer - Desktop linux support for the ring central apps and meetings....

desktop linux support
for the ring central apps and meetings program
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IT Guy

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We have a need for a linux meetings client or/and browser client that works on linux.
Add my vote.
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Hugh Phoenix-Hulme

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Me too
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Matt Hungerford

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Our whole embedded team uses Linux.  We just attend meetings using the Android app, and push for the whole company to switch to a compatible solution (usually web based solution, which has happened for all our other services such as email, calendar, documents, github, etc).
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I think the market share statement is misleading. Last report I saw Linux was approximately 3% of the total market share. This, however, isn't the percent of market share around would be Ring Central customers. I think if you were to break down the types of customers which would use Ring Central service the Linux market share would be much higher. If the target customer is small to medium business, a lot of those businesses will be software development, engineering or at least have IT folks who are running Linux. These business most likely have not increased in size to establish a corporate standard PC platform. I was really excited about switching over for some of the additional features offered by Ring Central, but just like so many other collaborative services (Join.me, Zoho, and a few others I have tried) the lack of native Linux support leaves you using a browser plugin or similar workaround that is always lacking in functionality.  I guess the one advantage I would give for pushing out Linux support is your average Linux user will need very little support, we tend to figure things out on our own if given the tool.
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Alvin Chevolleaux

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My company uses Ring Central and yet I need to use the free version of Zoom for all of my meetings. I regularly schedule meetings with people across the globe and it's really annoying that I need to restart my meetings every 40 minutes because I'm using the free version when I've got a Ring Central account.

If there was WebRTC support that would be enough but currently the message is that you guys don't care about a subset of your users as long as the majority are served which doesn't leave a good feeling about your company.

There's even a Chromebook app and what serious business people are using Chromebooks? I would certainly think that Linux users are more common in business than Chromebook users but Linux seems to be a dirty word to many decision makers.

BTW as CTO I will be recommending other solutions above RingCentral. I think it's a pretty good and cost effective solution overall but due to the lack of Linux support I just cannot recommend its continued use in our company and will not recommend it to others.
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I've just attempted to conference in potential investors and without Linux support I was unable to complete the call, which is both embarrassing and annoying. My partners (Windows users) use RingCentral but as a CTO (Linux user) I can't use this system.

I would love to hear the sound business sense from RCM of a system based off of Zoom and yet not  able to support a Linux client.
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CJ Patracone

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I would like to see this too, I still have to keep using other software to accomplish task that I was told Ring central would replace, and at my own cost.
please add this ASAP

To help our Product Team understand your request and assure it gets more consideration, please include the following details in your request: 
Account type  (U.S., Canada, UK,  AT&T, Telus, BT)
A brief description of the business 
Software company
A high level description of the product or feature being requested
ring central meetings to work on Linux computers through the browser
A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature
I remote into computers everyday, some of them are linux.
Benefit of such feature
I would not have to keep using the software ring central was to replace
Include any related case number if applicable
Number of Users and/or Digital Lines
1200+ world wide now
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Drew Thorne

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We also need to see RingCentral for Linux. 

Account type: US
Description: SAAS company
Feature request: RingCentral meetings support for Linux desktop environments
Use case: Users who work on a Linux desktop OS being able to join meetings with full feature compatibility, e.g. screen sharing and control 
Benefit: Use our product to collaborate with our team
Our account has 65 users, all of them may potentially be involved with meetings where a participant needs to join from a Linux desktop

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Emre Eraltan

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2 years ago, I claimed the Linux support but I see that the official support message has never been announced.
Since, we have found a nice workaround.

For anyone who wants to connect to a Ringcentral meetings as a participant using a Linux OS:

Please download and use the following application:

Once installed, use the meeting ID mentioned in the Ringcentral invitation.

Tested on CentOS and it works (including Screen Sharing and Taking Mouse/Keyboard control).
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Alvin Chevolleaux

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Hmmm, and if I download the mobile app I can kind of host meetings...
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Cecile Glassy, Champion

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2287 USA based users, 28 different sites,  3800 DID lines - all Polycom VVX500 phones

2018-11-09-We will test on the current Ubuntu LTS 18.04.1 version and report back.
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Paul McKinney

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As a Linux desktop user I received a RingCentral meeting request for the first time this week and when time for the meeting, I was unable to connect and share my screen(s).  After thinking about this I suspect it may have to do that I was running Wayland instead of Xorg.  I believe this to be true because in Slack, still running with Wayland, I was unable to show my screen but when I switched to Xorg I was.  I plan on trying a RCM again in a week or two and will try do so running with Xorg this time (and have a Mac OS on standby).

I just thought I would post here on the chance anyone else might have run up against this or need to know that work might need to be done to support Wayland in the future.

OS: Fedora 28 (Workstation Edition) x86_64 
Kernel: 4.19.13-200.fc28.x86_64 
Resolution: 1920x1200 
DE: GNOME 3.28.3 

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Brett Stetzko

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I have been using Ubuntu for years. It is a well know and popular operating system.  I feel supporting at least Ubuntu Linux would be beneficial.
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Jimmy the Geek

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Still waiting here as well. I'm having to use the Zoom workaround as well. We are a public library with 4 Polycom vvx201 and one Cisco SPA. Three of us use Linux regularly, plus one on the road.

Muliple OSs, but primarily 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu based.
Kernel 4.19+
DE: Budgie

Personally, I've been a Linux user since around 2005, so I'm feeling like a 2nd-class citizen again...
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Matt Hungerford

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Odd, sometimes I can connect to Ringcentral Meetings using Zoom on Linux, sometimes I cannot (like today).  Wish it was reliable.
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Jeremiah Small

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Doesn’t work with RCM PMI. Works with native/generated meeting id.
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Viktor Zozuliak

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We are having these issues as well. Would love to have Linux support for this.
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Lisa G.

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From Simon:
> However, we are planning to add Linux support in 2H of 2018.

Hi Simon - can you please post an update on status? Thanks.
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David Wiebe

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Is there a plan to support audio in the web app?
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Viktor Zozuliak

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Thanks, Jessica!
After your comment, the link to Linux download has appeared on https://support.ringcentral.com/s/download?language=en_US
This would be a great relief for us!
Hi @Jessica Please note that the links have changed just a bit. The new URLs are: 
1. How to install / uninstall Linux clients
2. Known issues with RingCentral Meetings on Linux 
@Hugh Phoenix-Hulme Please note the known issue that we current have. You faced issue 1 on this page

You would have to download the Linux client from our Downloads page and install them according to this page. You won't be able to use the Zoom clients. 
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Jessica - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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David Wiebe-- other audio support is on the road map for 2020!
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Josh Kraemer

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Would love to have Linux support as well. We have a couple of users that have Ubuntu and we have to use Zoom with them.
Hi RingCentral customers! 

We are excited to announce that the Linux clients for RingCentral Meetings are now available on the Linux section of Downloads page!

Here are two relevant links: 
1. How to install / uninstall RingCentral Meetings Linux clients
2. Known issues with RingCentral Meetings on Linux 

Thanks for being patient while we worked on this requirement! We would love to hear your feedback on these Linux clients - please let us know how they work for you, or if you find any bugs / issues on them.

Samudra Neelam Bhuyan
Product Manager, Video Collaboration
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Matt Hungerford

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This has been great, our team can now share presentations.  Earlier we would send the presentation slides to the one guy on the team who ran OSX, and he would share.  If he was out, we were out of luck.  The rest of us all attended with the mobile apps.

Note: there is an issue on XPS15 systems that have both Nvidia and Intel graphics.  RingCentral locks up the desktop.  We used the prime app to disable the NVidia graphics, so now it works.  This is just a workaround though.