Ringcentral Phone App needs a lot of work (Android)

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1. Account type: US business - we use desktop phones, desktop app on windows, and T-mobile cell phones
2. Description: we provide dumpster service in the mid-atlantic specifically for construction companies
3. (see below).
4. We'd use it for all business communications.
5. The Phone app would be useful and not a pain to use.
6.  We have four lines and 5 users

First off the GLIP messaging app is awesome and a perfect fit for my business.  The Rincentral Phone app needs a lot of work to make it useful (at least on Android Samsung GS9).  I have the phone's native app, as well as 8x8 (competitor of Ringcentral) to compare to.  Both of those apps work "normally" as a phone.  I just switched from 8x8 who I used for 10 years.

  • When holding the phone to my ear, the screen stays on resulting in the phone doing crazy things.  There is a screen shot attached of what a normal state looks like while using the phone.  Sometimes, other apps are launched or settings while on the phone.  This issue is annoying, but not the biggest issue.
  • The above image is what it looks like while the phone is in use and up to my ear.  Every other phone app turns the screen off to prevent accidental swiping.
  • When someone calls my personal number while on a RC phone call, the personal number takes priority and immediately muffles my voice in RC and the RC call hears my ringtone ringing through.  It makes business calls almost impossible, and embarrassing.  
  • When driving and wearing a headset (Blue parrott - trucker's headset - very popular) I have to touch the phone to answer it (illegal) and then only sometimes does it go through to my headset.  So again, I'm forced to touch it and try to get it to go to my headset - again making business calls horrible.
The conclusion is: GLIP is fantastic, RingCentral support so far has been outstanding and every representative has been very professional, except the last one who told me that the above issues are normal and clearly does not use the app on Android.  He suggested that I submit this on this open forum.  If you could just make the phone app be a great phone, RC would be awesome.  For now, though, I am forced to use my personal phone number for work calls because of how bad the phone app interruptions are.  I hope that someone here will hear this and fix the app, because everything else about RC is great, except the actual phone app.  Ironic that a phone company is great at everything except the phone itself. 
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It does not seem to be a problem with the app itself (at least paired with certain hardware), as I have a Galaxy S7 Edge, and the screen shuts off when I put phone to my head. It works this way for incoming or outgoing calls. I specify because I have the app ringing out on cell for making calls, which also uses my Android dialer. For incoming, the RC dialer and data is used. Perhaps there is a particular issue between your phone hardware, firmware, and or the RC App version? Maybe some others that have your same phone can chime in as to whether it works for them.

The ringing while on another call, I believe, is an ongoing issue, and it is a big problem. Luckily, I don't get many cell calls, so it is not a huge problem for me, but I agree it should not be happening. RC is fond of having us use the voting system for some problems to become bonafide features, and unfortunately, they sometimes have a hard time understanding what a feature vs a problem is.

As to the headset issue, that is a problem, but be aware - and maybe you already are - that Plantronics headsets are compatible with RC in that you can answer and receive calls by voice or pressing a button on headset. I am not sure if every single one is, but I believe there may be a compatibility chart somewhere available from RC. I think it is nice that there is at least ONE brand that allows this, but in truth, there should be no issues with RC having any popular modern headset - at least the business class ones - be compatible with RC calls for remote functions.
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Why not just use the Ringcentral GLIP app to make and answer calls? When you have both installed, you can specify which one you want to use for calls. If you're having an issue with the Phone app, switch to the other one and see if it's still an issue. If it is, then it may be something with your phone.
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GLIP app has the same functionality and the same problems, but the phone app works better for SMS/MMS.  Other than the phone app, GLIP is awesome.
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I have these same problems and more with the app.  Other apps will open overtop and will mute the ringcenral app so client can't hear me.
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Yup. I just bought an iPad as a work around to my phone company’s (ring central) terrible phone app. Found the iPad to work well. But, now I’m stuck carrying two devices just because the android app is so terrible. Same problems as the last reply. It dumbfounding that the worst part of the phone system is the phone app itself. Clearly the programmers don’t use the android app.