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I work for a managed IT provider supporting a company with ~200+ employees, all of whom have recently been migrated to RingCentral phones. They are using a variety of IP phones and softphones in the environment which is primarily Win7 Pro, with a few Win10 Pro users here and there. 

The client is looking to see if the RingCentral application/softphone can be installed on their Server 2008 terminal servers, and used by multiple logged-in users simultaneously, most likely with headsets/softphone features (no IP phone). If so, we'll need to know if there are any special installation instructions or requirements.

I located a document that suggests that the app is only compatible with Win7 and 8, and talking to RC support on the phone resulted in them directing me back to that same document, along with suggesting that I post here for community support.

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time!
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Posted 3 years ago

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I have the exact setup, though I will be upgrading my TS server to 2012 R2. 

If the APP was installed on a desktop it would be using the local IP address to route VOIP traffic. therefore I'm thinking that the TS would have to be able to 're-direct' the IP address of the local device in order to route calls ?

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Will not work on a Terminal Server.  Tried and it would not work.  You are also limited to having the Desktop app installed on 1 computer.  So if it's installed locally you can't install anywhere else.  Unless you deauthorize the 1st computer. 

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You can download/install it on multiple PC's, however the limitation is to having the Desktop App registered on 1 PC computer at a time.  You are correct that it will need to be deauthorize each time the user switch computers. :-) 
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Thanks for the information everyone. Chris, do you recall what specifically would not work about the app? Would it not start up, would audio not work, etc. I'll need to report the "why" of this if at all possible.

Mike, were you able to get the RC application functioning in your server environment, or are you just referring to having the same kind of TS setup? If the remote users on the TS are using softphones, I would think they can get by with just using built-in RDP audio redirection, right?

Kim, is the de-registration and re-registration process something that individual users can do, or do admins have to do this? Also, is there a limitation on how often it is done (e.g. if someone forgets their laptop at the office and has to work from home, then works on their office machine the next day, are they restricted from being able to re-register the app at the office because it was done the previous day?)
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Yes - the user and admin both have the ability to going in the settings > Phones & Numbers > select phone > Deauthorize this Computer.  It will register to the new PC automatically when the user signs into the other PC. 

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From what I recall the RC app on TS server only let you run one instance of it.  So only one person could launch the app at a time.  There were a few other issues but I don't recall. 

Also, to de-register I do believe you need to be an admin on the account to do so.  At least that's how it works for us. 

I've de-registered my desktop and re-registered it right after without any issues.  If this is done every now and then when someone forgets their laptop it should be ok.  But, an admin may need to do it for them. 

For our users that work from home they just use Android or iPhone app and have it setup to receive calls through the app.  Same for making calls. 

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Official Response
Hello Michael,

The Softphone uses the unique host name of the PC to authenticate when you sign in. Because of the way TS servers works, the softphone thinks that multiple users are trying to log into the same PC host name at the same time. This will not work unfortunately. This is the major issue with trying to use the TS server for the softphone.

In response to Chris Verdin's comment, any User can de-authorize their own softphone. They simply sign into their extension, select "Settings", select "Phones & Numbers", then select the softphone in question. From there the User can de-authorize the PC so they can sign in on another machine.

Thank you,
Nate Malone, Tier 2 Technical Support
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Thanks everyone for the clarification and info here! I appreciate the help.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Virtual environments.

Are there any plans to make the new desktop app usable in a virtual desktop environment? We are deploying a VMware Horizon vdi environment and are just now finding out that the app is not supported when in the support docs for the apps nothing was mentioned that virtual environments were strictly not supported. When my colleague put the question into support he was basically told "Sorry not gonna happen". Are there any explanations for why 3d support is required in the new version when in the old version it was not required? The old version installs and works fine in a virtual desktop just not the new version.

Has there been any recent updates on this topic?

Will there be support for virtual environments in the foreseeable future?

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I can't say it will never happen, but no not in the foreseeable future. 

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Can we put this back on the list of things we would like to see please? We need this very badly. 
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Hey Skaggs, I've flipped this to a feature request. However, as Mike and Nate mentioned earlier, our sofphone cannot support this type of environment and I don't foresee this coming to fruition.
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Our users all work in a VDI environment as well, and this is a feature we would love to have. One thig I did figure out a quasi-workaround thanks to this post: I installed the RingCentral for Google Chrome extension, then set it to use my desk phone as the calling from device. When I click a link on a web page, it rings my desk phone, then connects my desk phone to the number I clicked on. This only works in Chrome, but if I can do it from Chrome, it should be doable in Outlook or our CRM software with similar code to what the Chrome extension is using.