Call logs: more detail requested

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So here's what we want to know:

We want to know which agent of ours actually picked up the call/answered the phone.

All our customers call in a main number, and then either pick ENGLISH or SPANISH.
They are then transferred to a "call queue" based upon what number they picked.

English is call queue 1
Spanish is call queue 8

Agents are assigned to the call queue by time, so let's say we have 10 agents who would be assigned at a specific time.

All agents are set to ring simultaneously at the same time, so the customer gets answered faster.

Let's say agent 03 answers the call.

When we run the "call log" all we see is that there was a call to CALL QUEUE 1, not that Agent 03 actually answered the call/the call finally ended up here.

Should we set this up differently, or can we get a more detailed log?

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Posted 6 years ago

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I'd like to know as well
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2 things, are you selecting the detailed description when looking at the call log?  There is more info there.  Also there is a new feature that is being rolled out called Reports.  it was to be rolled out to all Office customers by 8/15 but you need to check in your online account if you have the option.

This will give better reporting options

Hopefully this will be what you are looking for

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Seeing call log detail for documents sent and recipients received.

There's a lot of good ideas here in the Call Log department.  I agree with more detail all around.  In my case, I'd like to see the document title of the attachments and the recipients of that document.  Admittedly, I'm new to RC, but I haven't seen yet where I can see that which was faxed and to whom, in it's entirety.  We send a number of different docs to a number of clients.  Some of the docs are sent to 5 clients at one time.  A call log detailing that these 5 clients received "this doc" would be great.  And I'm happy to download that detail!
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Hi Jerry, Thanks for your post. I merged your comments into this existing thread as it is somewhat related. This will give it more visibility. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please Add a More Detailed Call Log.

Excluding internal calls. We need to see a list of all calls made out by just dialing and all calls coming in. No internal calls.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Log Enhancement Add group as a call log column.

Ad another column called Group, based on the contact group the caller is associated with
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Elliot here from RingCentral. We are currently working on Call Logs and would love to get the customers who are interested in Call Logs to complete a quick 2 minute survey. 

The survey is here:


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Our company would love to see if you can add a column in which it can record or tag users who turned on or off the Accept Queue Calls in the softclient.
Our company would like to have the option to add the employee's name rather than just cell number. Righ now when we look at the call log we see all three cell numbers for the one dept. It would be much easier to have names listed. Please make this area editable.