Send & Receive SMS with Call Queue Group Direct Number

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We are using the Office Premium plan in Canada.  We sell office products as well as provide computer technical support and more and more clients want to communicate by text message.  We have a Call Queue Group for our Technicians so that all of their phones ring when the IVR directs to that queue, but it would SOOO handy to be able to have a "central" number for our technicians to be able to send and receive SMS with clients.  That way our clients can text this number and all techs get the message and are able to reply to it - sort of like a shared mailbox.  It would then also be handy for all techs to see if somebody else already read the message and replied to it.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Vote up for this idea. We have a department who works with people who are always on the road, and don't constantly check emails. Texting works best for the team, and we want to be able to give out one phone number for these incoming SMS and use the same for outgoing (to avoid confusion).
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My company also really needs this feature!
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Yes please!  This would be incredible! 
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Yes. More and more customers prefer to text our departments instead of calling and there is no way really achieve this besides them having direct numbers of each department.. Need this sooo bad now and even more in the near future!

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Still waiting!
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Great idea! My department could really use this as well. 
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yes please we need it too
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Incoming Caller ID Names and SMS Text.

Hi I have the Ringcentral Office Standard Plan and I have a 1 800 number plus 1 direct number.

However, on the IOS Ringcentral App, you may only sign in as 1 extension/user phone number. 

Although you can program the extenstion that you are signed into to receive calls from ALL extenstions....the problem comes in when customers start to call these various extensions.

For example, customer1 or prospect customer 1 calls the 800 number...when it comes through the app all it does is show the incoming phone number and "Ringcentral Audio"...

Now if you have 1 extenstion set up to receive calls for say 2 or 3 have no idea what extension that incoming call is linked to.

Like, is it a sales call or a support call?

We'd like to know how to answer the phone since each extension if for a different service and if the customer has listened to the autoreceptionist and pressed the correct makes no sense to answering the phone like you don't know what's going on/where they called to specifcally.

To solve this...the work around was to create a call queue because with that, when a call comes in from an extension other than the one you're signed in'll say for ex. "Incoming call to Sales ext 101" now when you see that it's sales, you know how to prepare to answer it..what screens to pull up to answer questions they have etc.

The problem with this is the the Call queue had to use a direct queues can't get a user login so when you assign (in my case) the local direct number to the call queue, you are not able to respond back to text messages because unless you are signed into the app as an can't receive any sms messages in the app but you will receive notification of the text via will not be able to reply because you don't have some user abilities on a call queue set up.


While we were able to accomplish the ability to identify incoming calls by extension called...we were unable to use the SMS text feature due to the workaround configuration we used to fix the incoming caller id names.

Is there a way to give call queue group the ability to sign in as a user so we can have the text ability too. We can't get texts on the 800 number since its our main line...the local number we have is the line that needs to be able to receive texts since it functions as a mobile number for a mobile service we provide..but again....its linked to the call queue set which kills the sms ability.

Hope this all makes it get very confusing configuring this to work the way we want it.