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We are a software as a service company. 

We've had multiple issues now (2 in the last month and a half) which involved some type of outage when it came to our phone system. Neither was listed in as they were probably specific outages to us, but is there any way we can get a history of service outages or subscribe to an email/SMS to get notified of outages?

These were very brief outages and things that we can for sure work around, but if we're not notified that we have an issue our clients get the short end of the stick and our employees constantly questioning the phone system they use every day.

The use case of this feature is that we would be notified with something to tell our employees about so they know their phone system isn't working or that there is a possible outage at the moment. 
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Posted 4 years ago

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Mike, Official Rep

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Hi Derek,  

This is something we are already working on to improve. 

First, there are a few things to know.  When there is any sort of service interruption, the green light on the Service Status page only changes colors based on the severity of the instance.  Also, due to the way our platform is designed, it is extremely rare for any outage to affect all customers at the same time.  If you suspect an outage but the light still displays green, then it's likely that the issue is extremely low impact and/or it is only affecting a very small population of customers.  If the light is green, but you still suspect an outage, then  log into the Service Status page to see if there is anything impacting your specific account.  

If you log in, and there is no issue being reported, but you still suspect an outage or service interruption of any kind, then we encourage you to check this Community for any reported issues.  We'll do our best to post notifications here on the Community as issues are reported. If specific action is necessary, we'll provide you with instructions or provide information as it becomes available.  

We are already working on an email notification system, but we do not have any ETA at this time. 

I hope this helps. 

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Alright so from our end if we see an issue right now the best way is to check the service status page first, then come to the community here, then report the issue.

Sounds good, I appreciate the speedy response on this. 
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Mike, Official Rep

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Yes... that is the best practice.  Depending on the issue, it sometimes takes  time to verify the exact issue and update the status bubble. Meanwhile, on the Community we can help gather info and provide instructions in many cases. 
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This is actually a poor solution. If I "suspect" something is wrong, I can just use my phone to call the system and see. Checking several places to find out something isn't working is not efficient.
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we shouldn't have to "SUSPECT" something is wrong..we have no way of knowing cutomers are not getting through to us unless we are notified via email, or text..the best solution would be a auto fall over to our cell phones if your are not able to ping our desk phones
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Claudio (Customer)

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Exactly, we were raising our hand the other day about an interruption of the service but nothing was encountered at the RC Service Status Page... I understand Mike's explanation, but from the point of view of the customer, "service interruption or outage" will be always classified as "high impact" in our operations...
What about having a map with lights indicators per zone ?
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Mike, Official Rep

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Claudio, that is basically what you have when you log into your account on the Service Status page. It will display results specific to your account if any. 
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I've never had the service status page return anything related to us when we've had an outage (Now I haven't been checking this page that often, and I'm talking about specifically the last two issues we've had which have both lasted very short periods of time) . Is there something that I'm doing wrong then? Maybe if the service status could list the last time there was an outage affecting the server my account is tied to would be helpful? 
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Mike, Official Rep

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Derek, we'll leave this topic as an active idea for our Product Team to review.  There's likely nothing that you were doing wrong.  There were a couple instances where there was a system problem that delayed their ability to update the bubble. It sounds like those might be the cases you are referring to.  

The system does not currently leave  a list of outages, but I can understand why users would like to see that. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Service Issue: send notifications to email or SMS.

Please send notifications to email or SMS when Ring Central is experiencing a system outage or issue.  We are an IT consultancy firm and several of our companies use your service.  It would be hugely beneficial if we could proactively notify them of a problem rather than wait until one is occurring and reactively try to diagnose the issue.
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Melissa Roberson

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This feature does exist now, however, we are unable to locate where you add an email to the distribution. Several of us receive the email notifications, however, we need to add one more person. How do we do that?
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Jessica - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Hi Melissa, 

You'll need to reach out to your Account Manager to confirm next steps in adding an additional person to the distro list. If you're not sure who your Account Manager is, let me know and we can help you out! 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Service Status History/ Event Log.

It would be nice if the Service Status page had a history or event log location.
It shows current health, but we should be able to see Health changes or status changes.

It would be beneficial with user claims of potential outages and service disruptions.
Example: Bob creates a ticket for IT after hours when IT is not there stating that he wasn't able to make outbound calls. IT gets in the next morning and Service status is up. If we have the feature to view history, we would know that appears that there was service degradation while an update was applied on the RingCentral side when the ticket was created and that Bob should not have any issues. If Bob continues to have issues, we can rule out RingCentral during troubleshooting as the service is now up.

Besides this example of Bob the RC business user, this will help on the Call Center side as well. We can track at what time agents should have been back on the phones instead of guesstimating at what time services were restored. 

Benefits would be that IT would be able to see statuses and be able to more easily provide RCAs for their companies. For Call Centers it would help their agents be more productive or provide reasoning for missed or refused calls.
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Jase Cutler

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Subscribe to Service Status Overview.

I am looking to be able subscribe to the current status of RingCentral and get email (or SMS) notifications if there is an outage affecting me. I am aware of the website, but unless I actively log in, I will not know if I am unable to receive calls and could miss important communication.

Please provide a way I can be actively notified when my RingCentral is experiencing issues.
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Jared, Alum

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Make Status Page Public vs Needing to Login.

Make the 'Service Status' page public for users. This would help users so that they do not need to login into the account to view any status changes. 

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Saadet, Employee

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Hey all!

I wanted to let you know that we are working on rolling out a brand new status page that will give an overview of how things are going and will only require you to log in if you want to see specifics about your account and how it is being affected.

You will also be able to sign up for notifications based on your preference :) 
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Yeah!!!! Great news.
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Hydra User

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I need to get sms outage notifications on my preferred email but I can't figure out how to set up those. Any tips?

Thank you
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Nick Rau

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Hi @Saadet  Wondering what the ETA is on the new status page is?
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Saadet, Employee

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Hey Nick! We're looking at getting it up and running by the end of this month :) I'll post here when it's ready!