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It would be awesome if your status could be set automatically based on your outlook calendar.  For example Skype for business will automatically change your status to "busy" or "in a meeting" based on your calendar. This is honestly the one thing that is keeping me from dumping skype for business for Ring central messaging and Glip.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Jan Ferguson, Channel Partner, Champion

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I'm not sure I understand which status you are referring to. Phone availability status? Email status? Outlook status?

Glip is far different than anything that Skype for Business offers, as far as I am aware. So in a way, it's like comparing apples to oranges regarding Glip and "SFB". The meetings in "SFB" do offer things that RIngCentral doesn't (i.e., 200 more users than RingCentral's meetings), but they also offer Office 365 as part of their package while RingCentral does not.

Personally, I use the Google calendar which does integrate with audio and video conferences as far as adding it to my calendar, and marking my status as "Busy", when I use the RingCentral Chrome extension.

I'm not saying that there isn't a large Outlook user base out there, and I can't speak to what RingCentral has plans for with regard to Outlook, but my initial question still remains...Which status are you referring to.
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Im referring to your status on the ring central desktop app or Glip. You can set your status as busy, away, dnd... but it is a manual process. With Skype it would look at your outlook calendar and automatically mark your status as busy or in a meeting based on your calendar appointments.
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Jan Ferguson, Channel Partner, Champion

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Okay...I understand now. You're right that it would be very helpful if it could do that.

But let me ask you a question, what happens if you have a one-hour meeting scheduled (in "SFB" and in Outlook) and the meeting takes 15 minutes? I have had that happen before when a major contributor to the meeting can't make it or doesn't have the answers needed to proceed. How does "SFB" deal with that? Do you then have to go into "SFB" and Outlook and show yourself as Available?

Are there times when you walk out of your office and are not available to answer your phone or answer an email for 20 or 30 minutes but your Outlook says you are available? How would anyone handle that type of situation? I only ask because I have been there previously myself. Frankly, too much "automation" can sometimes be a downer as well.

I'm not discounting your idea or request, only trying to think outside the box. Like I said above, I think it could be a very helpful functionality. But is that really a reason not to use one product over another if all other requirements are met? It wouldn't be in my situation but we are all different in our needs and requirements.

I like to find the positive whenever it is possible. Just thought I'd throw a few things out there for discussion. Thanks for your idea.
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Mike, Official Rep

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Good idea and great discussion guys. I haven't seen this request before, but I like the idea.  It's too early to tell, so I have no idea how everything (RC Desktop App & Glip) will look down the road but our product team is really starting to tighten the integration.  I could see something like this happening down the road as they expand the telephony and calendar functions in Glip. 

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Greg Messler

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To expand on this idea. I would like my status in Glip updated to "Busy" if I'm on a Ring Central call or in a Ring Central Meeting. This is how it works with Skype for Business, probably because it's an all-in-one software application. Since the Ring Central solution is cobbled together from three different apps through integration (Glip, Ring Central, and Zoom) its probably a bit more complicated to pull off. But I hope you can! Would be great :)
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Seppanen 1038

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This would be an integral feature for my team as well.

I would like to add that if you are in a phone call that it should set your RingCentral for windows and your Phone status to Busy as well, changing to Available once the call is over.
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Shelly Roth, Champion

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we would like this option too.
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Bryon Perona

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Our old phone system used to have this ability, and it was very helpful. There was an Outlook extension that let you set per-calendar event what you wanted your phone presence status to automatically change to during the event timeframe.
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Greg Messler

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I agree with this one. As a customer coming from Skype for Business to RingCentral/Glip/RingCentralMeetings its annoying that my status is not consistent across the apps (mainly glip and Ring Central for Windows and Ring Central mobile app).  Glip seems like its not not well integrated with Ring Central in that respect. Also the calendar is useless unless it integrates with my Office 365 calendar.
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Benjamin Sisco

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Since RC already utilizes an outlook add-in and has the ability to view calendar details (Join now feature) this should be no-problem to implement.  We too would find this feature very useful.
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Edson Chavez

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This would be extremely useful for my company as well. Although we can always manually set our statuses, it would save time if they automatically synced with our Outlook calendars. Hoping this can be done soon, thanks!