Deskphone: Allow users to change the background image on my RingCentral Phone?

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I would like to know if it possible to setup a Polycom VVX 410 phone with a custom wallpaper without losing the setting when the power is cycled.

Everything I have read points to configuring the provision server and from the research I have done, this is not possible with RingCentral. If that is the case, is there a way to bypass the server to have the wallpaper be pulled from a local server?

PDF how-to on what I would like to accomplish

Thank You
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Posted 4 years ago

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As far as I know you can't do this since you can't have access to the RC provisioning server.  You can upload an image as you stated, but when the phone reboots it will be lost.
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I was absolutely appalled to learn from Ring Central that after many requests and over quite a bit of time from tons of users, Ring Central continues to control the image that displays on our phones. Who gives you the right to do this?  We are paying YOU for a service.  If I have a phone that has a customizable background, than I should be able to change the image to whatever I want. If you were offering a FREE service, than your logo on the phone would be justifiable.  But not here.

You do not own my phone, so what gives you the right to control this image.  I want to have my company logo on my phones, NOT your logo.  You do not own my business, I pay you to provide a service.  Not to push your branding in our faces. 

Engineers, I am speaking on behalf of everyone else that has continued to request control over this, that we would like you to change this in the settings right away. People leave companies and using their services for many different reasons.  And you may feel that this wouldn't be one of them.  But you are definitely wrong.  As little as it may seem to you, this has left a very bitter taste in my mouth (and I'm sure others as well) that I may decide to switch to one of the many other great VOIP companies out there over the PRINCIPLE of this.

I hope you don't pass this off.  Being in business myself, this is downright pathetic that I am having to send this type of message.  Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss further.  Thanks for listening and for taking action in getting this corrected.
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How do you know when there is an update David?
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So, we have updated our image backgrounds by URL on the VVX410s and it doesn't reset back to RC's image when the phone is rebooted. Maybe we are the exception here, but even after firmware updates etc the image stays... We did not turn off updates... Still would be nice to be able to push an image through provisioning using the RC website instead of manually one phone at a time.
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if you Want to get the updates you can go back in and turn on the settings again about once a month but overtime you do this you will need to reset your background image.
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there is no way to know when there is an update.
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Hi there, David. I am Joy, your Customer Success Advocate. 
We spoke last time about your RingCentral Phone System, i hope you still remember.
I understand that you need assistance with your service.
We can coordinate with our Technical Experts to seek resolution to your concern.
I emailed you just now, you may respond back with the best time we can talk tomorrow. I would love to speak with you.
Thank you and have an amazing day ahead.
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Why are we required to look at a RingCentral advertisement as wallpaper on our Cisco phones?  This isn't a requirement from any other provider.  The phone has the technical capability to put any graphic that we wish -- such as our company logo -- but we're required to look at yours instead.
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Here is how you can Stop them from Putting there Add on your Phone.       

you Can Set the Back Ground on your Phone to anything you want I have been able to do this for years now.  All you have to do is log into your phone and turn off the Provisioning Provision Enable: No | Resync On Reset: No |  Resync From SIP: NO | Resync After Upgrade Attempt: NO  After you do that you can go to the user tab and set what ever image you want to the phone.  .. 
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David, where and how do I turn off provisioning?